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Podcast Potpourri (aka Not Austin, AOW, Talk Is Jericho....)

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I need to hear this.

It's pretty easy to find on YouTube.  I'll try to remember to post it when I get home.  It very well be the most "real" thing Hulk Hogan has ever said.  He just tells the story of missing the call for the Foreman Grill and getting stuck with the Hogan Blender. 

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I wasn't casting shade on the Hogan/Flair story. I mean...Hogan doesn't deserve much sympathy these days, but that story does jibe with stories of him helping people over the years. Hell, one of the negative results of his WCW run was him wanting to get all his friends paydays and clogging up the mid-card with older WWF guys. 

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Pretty much. Eric is open to talk about anything, but I always end up taking everything he says with a grain of salt. This Part II with Flair has several moments where my bullshit-meter went off, even at the very beginning regarding the Ray Traylor PPV bonuses. Kevin Sullivan has stated that's why you saw Big Bubba/Guardian Angel/The Boss during 1994/1995 as when he signed, he asked for some ridiculous bonus if PPV buys ever got over a certain level. In 1993, WCW wasn't killing it but by the time Hogan was in, Boss Man was making a shit-ton of $$$ on shows he wasn't even on. Even if Bischoff tries to debunk the story, I still want to believe that Boss Man got one over on Eric with this deal.


Great show, wrote a detailed recap about it over on the main site. Too much text for it to be posted here.


Just listened to the Flair/Bischoff podcasts the other day.


Bischoff didn't give Ray Traylor his first contract.  Traylor was signed in late 1993 by the Bill Shaw/Bill Dhue regime.  Bischoff became executive producer of television in 93 when Watts left, but wasn't in charge of hiring/firing talent at that point.  He was promoted to EVP in 94, essentially putting him in charge of the entire company and only answering to Turner execs above him.


I can believe him not remembering Bossman having a PPV bonus in his contract, since he didn't sign him to it and it was over 20 years ago.  Sullivan remembers because he was friends with Traylor and Traylor went to him and said, "hey, I get more money if I'm on PPV" so Sullivan put him on PPVs, lol!

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David Manning on flair pod this week.

The UNLEASHED version of Flair's podcast that doesn't exist would have made for the greatest episode ever. As it was it was still a must-listen.

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Love Flair's podcast but they've gotta test out the phone line with the guests before hitting the record button. Tried the Kevin Von Erich one on the way to work this morning and it was unlistenable. Sounded like KVE was talking through a tin can.

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Love Flair's podcast but they've gotta test out the phone line with the guests before hitting the record button. Tried the Kevin Von Erich one on the way to work this morning and it was unlistenable. Sounded like KVE was talking through a tin can.


Yeah this, I gave up 20 minutes in

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It's been a while since I plugged an episode of the Wrestling Night Review Podcast, and I thought episode 22 which just went up was a particularly good one, so I might as well spread the word.


It's time to recap Aces Wild XVIII, which if you have listened to an episode before you may know is our Stanley Cup, our Starcade, our season finale, and so on. All the matches which won during previous Wrestling Nights for this Saga compete on a 5 star ballot to see which match becomes the 20th Ascended Ace in WresNight history, and which one of our quartet will get to bring a Rey Mysterio Jr plush doll home with him to display on his mantle. The 9 matches competing to see who will go home el Rey de la Noche were:

Toshiaki Kawada VS Kensuke Sasaki - NJPW 10/2000
Shinsuke Nakamura VS Kota Ibushi - NJPW 08/2013
Undertaker VS CM Punk - WWE 08/2013
Yoshinobu Kanemaru/Makoto Hashi VS KENTA/Naomichi Marufuji - NOAH 03/2003
Brock Lesnar © VS Undertaker - WWE Championship Hell In A Cell 10/2002
El Samurai VS Koji Kanemoto - NJPW Best of the Super Juniors Finals 06/1997
Akira Hokuto VS Shinobu Kandori - AJW 04/1993
Kyle O'Reilly © VS Roderick Strong - PWG Guerrilla Warfare World Championship 12/2014
Shawn Michaels VS Chris Jericho - WWE No Holds Barred 09/2008

We delve into how sometimes coming to terms with the faults in a match you love is like facing a 2+ year relationship coming to an abrupt end. We discuss how a time traveling Brock Lesnar could be the greatest thing in the history of wrestling. We laugh, we try to pick pineapple out of our teeth, we throw toothpicks at each other and laugh some more. Most of all this episode is spent comparing a lot of great matches which as you can see cover a fairly broad spectrum, as we try to get down to the core of what makes five life long wrestling fans vote for one of these particular matches over another.

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This week's Flair podcast is the Greatest Podcast in the History of Wrestling Podcasts because the guest this week is Tony Schiavone. I'm convinced Flair needs to have two podcasts with his guests. One where they talk wrestling and history and all that important stuff and then another podcast where the guest just tells Ric Flair stories.

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Hopefully this was not the usual disinterested Tony that was on with JR.


I listened to the first 2/3's on the way to work and I'd say the only "new" stuff is Tony is telling "Ric Flair in the 80's" stories which is gold and shows why Charlotte probably never listens to her father's podcast

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For those that have been listening to Between the Sheets and Exile On Badstreet, Kris and Bix have been mentioning World Domination with Terry Simms podcast, it shares the Random Brain Activity podcast feed on Stitcher, I got bored and figured out the episodes and most the guests since the stitcher app feed isn't always the easiest to figure out the guests.  I've liked most of the episodes I've listened to, the Robert Fuller ep is fun.  Jamie Dundee forgets he's supposed to be on the show despite talking to Terry 15 minutes before the show starts so he shows up about an hour into his show, but It's Jamie being Jamie so once he's on the show he's his usual force of nature.


12/1/ - Johnny Mantell
10/27 - Ronnie Garvin
10/13 - Marc The Beast Gulleen
9/22 - Terry on Reunions and Conventions
9/15 - Len Rossi - PW Hall of Fame
9/8 - Dean Hill
9/1 - Marc Lowrance
8/22 - SummerSlam 2015
8/11 - Bill Irwin
8/4 - 
7/20 - Bill Dundee
7/14 - Kenny Bolin
7/7 - Del Wilkes
6/30 - Bruce Pritchard pt 2
6/23 - Bruce Pritchard pt 1
6/16 - Mike Mooneyham
6/9 -  Mike Mooneyham
6/2 - Lance Russell
5/26 - Dan Spivey
5/19 - Jimmy Valiant
5/12 - Scott Putski
4/28 - Johnny Mantell
4/21 - Bull Pain
4/14 - Jeannie Clark
4/7 - Doug Gilbert
3/24 - Axl Rotten
3/17 - One Year Anniversary
3/10 - Mark James
3/3 - Bobby Fulton
2/24 - Princess Victoria
2/17 - Alex Pourteau pt 2
2/3 - Eric Embry
1/27 - Robert Fuller
1/20 - Bart Batten
1/13 - Mick Foley
1/6/15 - Black Bart
12/30/14 - NFL Playoffs
10/27 - Best of Vol 2
9/30 -  Tom Pritchard
9/23 - David Fuller/James Beard
9/16 - Best of Vol 1
9/9 - Brian Adias
9/2 - Jamie Dundee
8/26 - Tracy Smothers
8/19 - Sam Houston
8/12 - Chaz Taylor
8/5 - Big Bully Busick
7/29 - Beau James
7/22 - Steve Cox
7/15 - Joe Pedicino
7/7 - Gary Young
7/1 - Patriot
6/24 - Rod Price
6/17 - Bill Dundee
6/10 - Chris Youngblood
6/3 - Bobby Fulton
5/27 - Doug Gilbert
5/20 - Brian Christopher
5/13 - Cowboy Johnny Mantell
5/6 - Joel Deaton
4/29 - Johnny Mantell
4/22 - Adrian Street
4/15 - John Tatum & Sam Houston
4/8 - 
4/1 - Scott Hudson & Craig Johnson
3/25 -
3/18/14 - 
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So it seems like Jim Cornette is going to be Alice Radley-less and she's allegedly quit everything. Seems like there were a lot of issues on her end between her and Cornette. Also replacing Alice is MSL so let's see how this works out

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All that I ask is that Talk'n Shop and VIP Lounge stay relatively unscathed (aside from Alice leaving VIP, of course)  Those two shows are fantastic listens for very different reasons.  But it sure sounds like a lot of crazy shit is going on with MLW lately.

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