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Her (2013) *Spoilers*

Niners Fan in CT

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I've seen some posts on this but they are scattered throughout the section. This is such an interesting film. Critics love it but I've also talked to quite a few people now who had the same "Oh come on! it's a fucking computer dude!" reaction to it..


I didn't think it was a crazy concept at all considering where he is in his life and maybe where we are headed in the not-so-distant future. Her touches on the concerns many of us have with social networking/technology and detachment, lack of empathy, etc. This actually reminds me of Louis CK on Conan, I'll post the clip later on if I can find it..


This film has a lot to say about love in general as well and I liked how he runs into the same quarrels with the OS that we do in any relationship. He initially questions if Samantha can give him what he's searching for despite the lack of a physical relationship and she later on questions if he's right for her because she finds others who can better understand what she's going through... there's so much to discuss. It's a beautiful looking film too. The sci-fi stamp on this is amazing. Phoenix was great but I haven't read much about Scarlett.. it's strange but I felt she gave a great performance.. I don't even quite know how to explain it. I guess it's comparable to an awesome animated film piece of voice acting but she was excellent.

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Loved this film so much that, for the first time since 'Drive' was out, I'm going back to the theater, making a hour+ round trip car ride to see it again this afternoon.


i think Amy Adams' character's line about "We are only here briefly, and in this moment I want to allow myself joy." is pretty much the key to the film.  Who cares whether Samantha's love is, or isn't real, who is to say, and if it brings you joy, then what's the problem?


I was skeptical of an Arcade Fire soundtrack (Haven't enjoyed an AF album since 'Funeral') but they set such a perfect backdrop for the film and never distracted from the experience.


Lastly, my sister pointed out from seeing the trailer that the Rooney Mara character has almost the same hairstyle as director Spike Jonze's ex-wife, Sofia Coppola.  If you remember Coppola's 'Lost in Translation' was a thinly-veiled autobiography with Coppola as Scarlet Johanssen, Giovani Ribisi as Jonze and Anna Faris as, presumably, Cameron Diaz.  It's hard not to view Phoenix, with mustache, as a stand-in for Jonze, and Mara as Johanssen.


Also, make sure to drop by the 'Best of 2013' pimping thread and bring up this movie, because I really feel like when we get a few years away from 2013, the two movies that are going to be most beloved are likely this one and 'Inside Llweyn Davis'. 

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