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I don't care. Just put The Miz in some kind of reality show and let him put his entire focus on that.

So that way I can just ignore it and never have to see him again.

Yeah, part of me wishes he would get fired and make his triumphant return to The Challenge. 

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Sticking with my original idea: 2-hours, every Sunday night from 1 AM to 3 AM; Vince McMahon pours a glass of scotch, sits in front of a fire and talks straight into the camera (was it Tom Synder who used to have the weird monologues like that?). Could also be broadcsat from a leather chair on the Corporate Jet. He just sits and explains.

I dig, but more like this guy:


book it,


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The aMAZing Race-

Somewhere in the world Vince McMahon has the Miz's talent contract in one hand and a lighter in the other. Join the Miz as he races around the world in search of Vince. Will the Miz find Vince in time, or is his future in the WWE about to go up in smoke.

Each week there is also a featurette of Vince using the Miz's contract for everyday activities such as wiping his ass, writing his grocery list, and trying hiding sensitive documents from the US government.

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Any kind of investigative crime drama where Samoan badasses like Haku kick ass and get to the bottom of things.


"Nobody Potatoes Me" is a show hosted by or starring Stan Hansen where he lariats the fuck out of bullies and shows them what it's like to really be potatoed.

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I'm not here for jokey bullshit, I'm here to help


I've actually pitched this idea to a production company once


There's a lot of public domain movies out there.  Martial arts shit, horror shit, just shitty shit, whatever.  Anyway, have a horror host type show hosted by wrestlers.  This is basically just an excuse to have wrestlers do comedy bits around Sonny Chiba movies.


Like Spaghetti Westerns are the shit, right?  Imagine one hosted by TERRY FUNK.  It transcends the shit and becomes the diarrhea.


Undertaker introducing a fucked up horror movie is easy and fuck Kane so that's not happening don't suggest it




Also they need to do a show just going through shit in the warehouse, since it'd be fucking fascinating and they could easily fill time showing the bits/matches where the stuff was used.  Again, cheap, easy, people would watch it.

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CSI Texas (crime procedural) - Watch as Sgt. Dusty Rhodes leads a mismatched team of renegade forensic specialists (Dory Funk Jr., La Parka, Enzo Amore, Daffney) as they try to solve "unsolvable" crimes. There is always lots of high tech plunder and heiney clobbering to be had. In the first episode, “Who Killed Capt. Redneck?”, all Thee American Dream and his misfit crew have to go on is a shard of a Lone Star beer bottle, a used muffler and a scrap of white sheet. Special Guest David Alan Coe stops by as well.


So..... Walker, Texas Ranger with better acting?


I do kinda want David Caruso's CSI: Miami character to cross over though.  Watching Dusty and Caruso try to out-act each other should be interesting,  Hopefully, Horatio can teach La Parka how to dramatically remove sunglasses.

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Now that Warrior is sort of back, I'd like a show where he coaches guys backstage on their promos:



Sandow: Ok, so I need to make clear that I'm not performing well because I'm surrounded by inferior people in this company.


W: Crystal Shore


S: What?


W: Encased in Crystal Shores.


S: Is that...the part about the company?


W: ONLY ROOM for one EAGLE in the VORTEX!!!!


S: Umm....Am I the




S: Mag...




S: magnifying grace....


W: No.


S: no?


W: Exactly.  Next.

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