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2014 Yes/No NEW JAPAN

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I'll throw a Yes to Young Bucks vs. Timesplitters 6/21


I am a sucker for good tag bouts because they are especially rare on the American side of wrestling. This has a been a solid year for good tag wrestling, and I hope that carries into 2015. The Bucks are a team that I think can be solid when they take a less is more approach to wrestling. In this match, they're forced to slow things down to appease the Japanese crowd and it really works. I really loved the Face in Peril and failed hot tag spot from the Timesplitters and the crowd really comes alive when it becomes apparent that the Timesplitters just might pull this one off. Tremendous heel work from the Bucks. There were a couple of spots that still bugged me, but this is about as good as you can expect.

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