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Top Ten Favorite Versus Top Ten Best

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Wrestlers, managers, matches, whole shows, stick 'em here! I just gotta think about mine first even though it's pretty much limited to mainstream US promotions. I don't know dick about Puro and even less about the Mexican scene. European wrestling? Hah! What next, women voters?

But there IS a difference. It's like knowing a movie is a masterpiece but going "fuck it, Billy Madison it is" and still having a blast. I'm not really a fan who needs everything to be the best thing ever, just make it entertaining.

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Love me some Favorites vs GOATs lists. The one I did last night was more GOATy. I shall ramble a Favorites List I heat up a Jack’s Pizza.

1. Mick Foley’s personalities - especially the other personalities. There was something magic about them. The three faces each hit something in me that makes me so happy. 

2. Ultramantis Black - I still go back and watch Neo Solar Temple promos. What a funny yet universe fitting character. 

3. old man Kenta Kobashi - chop chop chop

4. Super Dragon - aura. I’d watch fan made YouTube MV’s of him repeatedly. 

5. Samoa Joe - cool, dominant, mean. 

6. Andre the Giant - He was just perfect to me. Such a figure, it’s hard not to love him.

7. Eddie Kingston - Before even really watching his matches I’d deep dive his CHIKARA (and other indy promos). I really fell in love with his character rising up AEW. I showed people at a bonfire his AEW debut promo. Lol, I rarely talk wrestling with non-fans but he got me to!

8. Eddie Kingston’s best friend, Penta - the epitome of fantastical. I just want to watch him be him. On paper, I’d likely not like what he does, but he does it so perfectly that he transcends everything you’ve ever known or believed in. It’s like the end of a Hallmark movie when you realize the lumberjack who loves hot coco and volunteers at the Christmas orphanage is a better boyfriend material than the cold lawyer for the Guillotine factory.

9. Bryan Danielson - the GOAT. I truly think he’s the greatest. I also find him teasing Ryback to be relatable and funny. 

This ten spot is tough.

As a kid, alongside Mankind, my favorites were Ken Shamrock and The Rock. As a teen getting more into Indy wrestling I’d say Low Ki or Mike Quackenbush. As a man I want to include Terry Funk. Each one has made me very happy over the years. But I’m gonna round this off with…

10. William Regal, the podcaster - lol, I loved that. He was such a tough person to answer straight questions, but just let him ramble endlessly and you’ll have a great time.


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For the three faces of Foley, I dug Mankind and Cactus, but found Dude love to be the cringiest thing ever, just fucking cheesy. I recently reread Have a Nice Day,and aside from the jokes which did not age well, it just reminded of the gimmick. To each their own. . . 

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For fun, let me post PWO's top fifteen from their most recent GWE poll, then my top/favorite fifteen:


1: Ric Flair
2: Terry Funk
3: Stan Hansen
4: Mitsuharu Misawa
5: Daniel Bryan
6: Jushin Liger
7: Rey Mysterio Jr.
8: Kenta Kobashi
9: Toshiaki Kawada
10: Jerry Lawler
11: Jumbo Tsuruta
12: Eddie Guerrero
13: Genichiro Tenryu
14: Vader
15: Ricky Steamboat

My "favorites" list:

1. Randy Savage

2. Bret Hart

3. Jim Breaks

4. Eddie Guerrero

5. William Regal

6. Rick Rude

7. Mark Henry

8. X-Pac

9. Scott Hall

10. Booker T. 

11. Rey Mysterio Jr. 

12. Owen Hart

13. Sting

14. Junkyard Dog

15. Jushin Liger

Frankly, I'm somewhat surprised there's this much overlap.

  • There are some guys in the PWO top fifteen who I would list among my favorites if I weren't ranking them - Terry Funk, Vader, Steamboat, Lawler, and probably Danielson.
  • There are a couple of guys who I'm fine with, but wouldn't be among my favorite workers - Misawa, Kobashi, Flair
  • And then I probably need to see more Tenryu and Kawada to be fair to them.
  • There's only one guy on the list who I don't get, and while I defer to the consensus on him, he wouldn't get near a list of my favorites - Stan Hansen. I get the appeal visually, and I love stiff lariats as much as anyone, but I don't really enjoy his matches (and maybe it's down to a bad first impression because I did not enjoy his WCW run, which is the first time I ever saw him, but then again, I didn't think JYD was special until I watched Mid-South, when he instantly became one of my favorite wrestlers ever). 
  • On the other hand, a couple of my favorite dudes didn't make the list, and I think they should have: Waltman and Hall. But I think Waltman is underrated and Hall is extremely underrated. I feel like I can make a case for Hall being, if not a superworker, only a level or maybe two underneath that. 


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I don't like ranking and my tastes change frequently, but here's my favorites in no specific order at this very moment:

- Tsukasa Fujimoto
- Mariko Yoshida
- 2 Cold Scorpio
- Brad Armstrong
- Owen Hart
- Kyoko Inoue
- Takako Inoue
- Hikari Fukuoka
- Rick Rude
- Great Sasuke

Madusa is a sentimental favorite as she got me into wrestling. I don't know where to list bruisers like Scott Norton, Butch Reed, Greg Valentine, or Vader; they're all great to me. Volk Han is also pretty dang great but I think I've seen everything of his that made tape. A lot of active wrestlers like Ibuki Hoshi, Kris Statlander, and Kaho Matsushita will probably crack the list as well after a few more years. I think Charlotte Flair is so dumped on that she's underrated these days, and I really enjoy her big matches, but I don't feel compelled to seek her stuff out, which makes her hard to classify. I feel like I should consider her but I never feel like I have to go out of my way to see her stuff.

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Scorp is great. He'd make my top thirty or so. He's one of those guys like Muta or the Undertaker when I was a kid where I wouldn't want to miss a second of what they were doing if they were wrestling. Liger was on that list, too. 

I sort of feel like the Undertaker's rope walk spot is one of the best spots ever just because as a kid, watching a dude who was a legit 6'8 or whatever walk the ropes like that bowled me right over. Man, early Undertaker was so cool. When I found out that he won the belt off Hogan, I celebrated. 

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My two brothers were much bigger than I was. The middle brother would be Kane and I’d be XPac and as he chokeslamed the gorilla stuffed animals I’d do the suck it cross chops. 

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