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WWE TV - 5/27 - 6/2/2024 - Kairi Sane in Vain

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19 minutes ago, blitzkrieg said:

There's only one logical direction to go with a bad luck angle:

I did love Vic saying that Blade and Enofe looked up to Harlem Heat and Book sounding incredulous and responding with "Harlem Heat 2000."

He is apparently still going!


And his hair has not gotten goofier...no...not at all...

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The Nia coronation with Bayley, Piper, and Chelsea getting involved was solid. Its nice to see Piper getting built as a threat.

Ciampa/Theory was pretty solid.

Andrade/Crews was better than expected with the two getting some time to draw things out a pinch. Figured this would just be build for Andrade and whatever coming feud with Legado, but I dug Crews actually getting some vengeance later on backstage on Garza. 

The Heyman/KO segment was good stuff. I dug Heyman doing his best to plead with Owens only to be called out as a boy who cried wolf as far as Owens was concerned. The brawl and lead into Guerrillas of Destiny vs. Street Profits was good. The actual tag match was pretty nice as well with the commentary and action doing a solid job as putting over G.o.D. as so vicious. There were a few off moments but nothing that dragged things down to any decent degree.

Bayley/Naomi vs. Piper/Chelsea was another solid match. Glad to see C&P pick up the win. Chelsea as Piper's hype girl is kind of neat. I like the bit of fear/nervousness Bayley has been showing in this feud. She has a degree of vulnerability most champs don't show. It puts over how big a threat Bayley sees giants like Nia and Piper as.

The final segment with AJ was done well enough even though you could absolutely see the end coming. Someone even shouted out Mark Henry's name during AJ's faux retirement speech. Now I kind of want Henry to show up giving AJ his approval while Cena shows up and looks at Cody disappointingly like he should have known better.

No true standout matches though everything was surprisingly solid. Nothing must see in that regard though Profits/G.o.D. is probably the match worth catching the most if only for curiosity about the Tongans in WWE. The segments for most of the show were pretty decent with that KO/Heyman segment being the standout. I thought this was pretty solid show in terms of story movement and character building. Even now with Solo taking over we have hints that something is coming for cody at some point. 

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