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DVDVR BEST MUSIC OF 2013 Pimping Thread

Lamp, broken circa 1988

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So I've started tabulating everything since I don't know that I'm expecting that many more ballots, and there's an absolutely expectedly absurd amount of one vote tie. So, the way this'll go is that the ties will be listed before the next tiebreaker (an album with the same number of points, but through multiple votes). So the first post will be a bunch of ties, and then the first tiebreaking album.

The alternative is full album art and embeds for 154 albums. Between timely results and flashy results, I'm choosing timely.






(bonus fun fact! At time of writing, no album has more than three votes.)

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I threw together a quick list that was barely ordered correctly, but i'm just now realizing how much shit I forgot.  I had a hard time narrowing my list to only 25 entries also, so I think it really shows how good 2013 was and how much awesome music we got last year.


I forgot to include or haven't had time to listen to so many cds I could make a top 25 list of just those


Elvis Costello & The Roots - Wise Up Ghost

Arcade Fire - Reflektor

Vampire Weekend

Queens Of The Stone Age

Kurt vile

Portugal The Man

The Foreign Exchange

The National

Sigur Ros






El-P/Killer Mike - Run The Jewels

Pusha T


Four Tet

Phil Anselmo

Tegan & Sara

Blood Orange - Cupid Deluxe


Piu Piu - Nightingale

Empire Of The Sun

Adrian Younge

Paul McCartney


and all the other shit people here listen to i've never heard of



2013 - what a year!

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