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NHL 2024 - THE QUEST~!


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6 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:
22 hours ago, odessasteps said:


I'm glad you enjoy making a rescue puppy like Sergei Bobruffsky sad, Mark.

Gotta keep up my gimmick, Brother.  

(Not a gimmick) 

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Good plan, but they forget, these players have to deal with Miami-area traffic, which is enough to make weaker men throw themselves in front of a car. 

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2 hours ago, Dolfan in NYC said:

TIL The Florida Panthers employ Evan Rodrigues.


2 to go.

ERod is in my opinion the ultimate symbol of the absolute dysfunction and incompetence of the Pegula Error: He was signed as an UFA out of BU where he was Eichel's linemate. Anyone with an IQ higher than a banana slug would assume the reason they signed him was to play him with Jack. Take a wild guess what multiple Sabres coaches NEVER did with ERod?



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Matthew Tkachuk with a defensive effort play for the ages to save an empty net goal, only to have McDavid put in the rebound - that Tkachuk nearly blocked. 

Definitely some tense moments for Edmonton at the end. 

McDavid with 8 points over the last two games. Hopefully that continues. 

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i'm sure a bunch of other people have noted the number of days between games but they're really scheduling games like they're trying to work around someone's schedule here... then again I don't know the norms for how long there is between hockey games

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