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Something I've been thinking about during these finals; I think trading for Dame was a fully understandable move and probably worth doing even at the cost of Jrue Holiday. 

But if the Bucks had known the end result would be Boston getting Holiday to fill the one hole the KP trade had left them with, giving the Celtics the ability to literally play five 3 and D guys for nearly every meaningful minute of a game all season long, and knowing that Holiday is better at being a complimentary piece instead of trying to be the of the top options like Smart... Would Milwaukee have still made that trade?

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Maybe they swap Middleton instead, which, given his availability and performance this year, might have been something of a difference maker.  And no way Boston trades for him given his injuries and, truly, too much positional overlap.  Not sure who a different PG target might have been if not Holiday, since it took so long to find even him: Caruso has a similar-ish style, but Chicago would have had no depth of their own without him, so I imagine Stevens already plumbed that and found no takers.

I wonder if anyone in the East would have been able to beat Boston, though.  Maybe Milwaukee gets past Indy, but Dame still got hurt, too, and if Giannis' injury plays out like KP's did, they probably still lose that series (or whoever they would have faced) anyway, since no team has ever won a playoff series after losing their top 2 scorers to injury.  I think Boston's record would have been worse, but not 14 games worse to the point that they lose home court in the East.  I do think Dallas would have beaten them without Holiday, though; they wouldn't have been able to make life quite tough enough on both Luka and Kyrie without him, and/or with Brogdon trying to defend.

Didn't play out that way, though!

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