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RIP Keith Giffen 1952-2023


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Announced on his Twitter that he had a stroke over the weekend and passed on Monday.

This sucks, JLI is some of my favorite stuff and I Can't Believe It's Not The Justice League got me back into comics.


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I met Giffen at the Baltimore Comic Con once. I'd taken the now 21 year old who was probably closer to 11. I said he wasn't too familiar with Giffen's stuff yet (just from the cartoons where they aped some of it really) and Giffen basically went "Pff, he doesn't care about comics. He probably wants to just play minecraft" which was pretty funny I guess.

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Giffen & DeMatteis' Justice League was one of the first comics I fell in love with and remains one of the cornerstones of my fandom. Recently, I've been reading some of the other work they did together like their Defenders mini-series and their Hero Squared series, which are told in a similar vein. They never fail to make me laugh. I have mixed feelings about Five Years Later, but I think the next time I read it that I may feel differently about it. I actually loved it the first time I read it and disliked it the second time through. I might read some of his work I haven't touched on before as a tribute to him.

EDIT: I just read the first issue of the Ambush Bug mini-series and it's bad shit crazy. It's as though DC published a self-published indie comic. Love the parody of the old DC Silver Age ads. 


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