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I am appalled at his not knowing the difference between BotNS and WWTBaM.


Although I applaud the copywriter who did the puns on the cover:


"The ghoul can't help it" and "Get ready for must-flee t.v."  Really first-rate!


Whenever I go on Ebook sites to see what's out there...I am amazed at the unfathomable volume of junk people are actively seeking out to read.  There must be a new sexy vampire book published every nine seconds or so.

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Their needs to be an angle where Crowe challenges Cena to a title match, but right when the bell rings Crowe tells Cena that he has placed bombs throughout the arena, and he'll set off the charges unless Cena willingly lays down for the pin. Cena's like "You're bluffing", and Crowe's like "Oh am I now". So he presses the button and you hear a loud explosion go off. Cut to the back where we see a bloody Zack Ryder lying dead in the back. "What's it going to be Cena?" "Your Championship, or the lives of the WWE Universe?" he tells him. Cena says "ALL RIGHT! I'LL DO IT!" with his signature over the top acting. 1... 2... 3! "Your winner, and new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Solomon Crowe". 

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