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Dolfan in NYC

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While I wait to see if my QB becomes Andrew Luck 2.0, you can enjoy the 2nd round!  


430PM - Jacksonville @ Kansas City (-8½)

815PM - New York @ Philadelphia (-7½)



3PM - Cincinnati @ Buffalo (-5)

630PM - Dallas @ San Francisco (-4)


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Cowboys have announced their Official Reason why their kicker sucked:

"Two of the team’s three kicking balls were lost in the crowd after extra-point misses, and the Cowboys’ hold procedure was interrupted when an official prohibited the use of white grass blades being as a sightline."

Its funny for two reasons - one, you can't blame bad kicks on not having your kicking balls, that are only in the stands due to bad kicks. Second, the special teams coach said he 'didn't know' about the NFL telling referees to stop letting teams use any foreign objects to assist with kicks, and yet I knew about it due to reading it on the Internet last week. Maybe he should read Twitter more.

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1 hour ago, Kevin Wilson said:

Bills vs. Chiefs is the only game that can be at a neutral site, so both would have to win this weekend.

Too bad that ain’t gonna happen. Trevor Lawrence has never lost on a Saturday 

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The 1 time McCarthy smiled was when  that kicker made that last kick. That was a Pee Wee game on an NFL field. The kicker missed all but 1 kick, then when he made 1 it was the pop of the night. They ran the option and they played hard until the end no matter what the score was. It was great lol! 

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I think Pacheco has benefitted a little bit from not being overexposed as an RB, which means that people see his stats and wonder why he doesn't run even more in an offense where they're better off leaning on the passing game

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