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Vince McMahon Returns to WWE

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3 hours ago, piranesi said:

He has already outlived Murdoch and Prince Philip. I think as long as Kissinger still breathes Vince is at least one step away from getting whatever it is he deserves.

Rupert Murdoch isn't dead.

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On 1/6/2023 at 9:21 PM, Greggulator said:

I absolutely would not be shocked if this were to happen . 

But Wall Street is just as carny as wrestling. For people who do not have experience with the terminology:

There is something called passive investing and something called active investing.

Passive investing is doing something like buying a mutual fund or an ETF (which are more or less a stock you can buy comprised of hundreds or thousands of other stocks), usually to track an index like the S and P 500 (the 500 biggest corporations traded on stock markets ) You just buy one of those things and hold on to them and watch it raise in value over a long period of time.

Or there is active investing. There are all kinds of mutual funds out there where you hand money over to someone who thinks he has a strategy and ability to outperform something like the S and P 500. Or you can hand money to a wealth manager to pick stocks for you, too. And you pay these people a lot of money in fees for their expertise.

But guess what? Something like 80 percent of actively managed funds underperform what the S and P 500 does. Hundreds of billions (and possible even over a trillion) of dollars go to active managers when every single piece of research shows this is not really a wise thing to do. 

But the active managers have done such a good job at making the marks believe that they know things that other people don’t and have insights no one else does. These are the types of people I talk to for my job or listen to speak — and most of them have the same exact insights and say the same exact things and went to the same exact colleges.

At the same time, a lot of big investors also have their connections and information gets shared. Rumors and hunches move from trader to trader. Seeing the WWE’s stock pop this big on the news leads me to believe something is up. I could absolutely be wrong on this and common sense as a wrestling fan should make me see things like Vince wants back in. But I just think the money is saying something. 

Also LOL at Bryan Alvarez talking about why the stock popped today versus the first time the WSJ mentioned Vince wanted to come back. He insinuated it was because investors think Vince is coming back solely to close a deal whereas the first mention made it seem like Vince was coming back for the whole shebang.

I really cannot stress this enough. Nobody gives a shit about how nerds like us in the wrestling bubble feel about whether it is a good show with consistent booking with new stars being made. That absolutely does not matter in the eyes of Wall Street. Because somehow, despite all of us nerds hating the product, the WWE consistently finds ways to make a shit ton of money,

As someone that works in the client end of the 401k recordkeeping industry and has to work with investment advisors, I attended a meeting at a mutual client and the investors were leading the meeting and one of them had a slip up and said "our investment mythology" instead of methodology and I almost started laughing in the meeting.

With that said, I'm 60/40 in Vince selling vs. not selling. 

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Just now, Niners Fan in CT said:

From Fightful: WWE has confirmed that Nick khan is now the sole CEO.   Hunter won't last long... 

Not just Paul. Khan is also on the board, and the board unanimously disagreed, in writing, with Vince coming back. It won’t end well for either. 

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