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2023 Pro Wrestling Merchandise Thread

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11 hours ago, GuerrillaMonsoon said:

RoF is incredibly expensive but the quality of the stuff I've got has lasted very well two years later. Can't fault them there

Roots of Fight is the only store I've ever got hit with Duty charges on. With the exchange rate and shipping, I'll have to wait until they have a Canadian distributor before I get any more; but you are right about the quality.

AEW needs a canadian shipper as well, the shipping costs along with exchange are a little too pricy for me most of the time. (Off the global AEW Shop site) 

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On 2/19/2023 at 5:06 PM, Curt McGirt said:

It's already pressed, probably on plain black, and been doing a killing for my friends at Sorry State Records in Raleigh. Was the top three or four record for them for a couple weeks.

If Hulk would just be a man or however Hogan wants to go about it, maybe the ghost of Macho would stop haunting him.

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5 hours ago, Red King said:


I think if HM ever came to AEW she would get over huge with that gimmick.

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In the pantheon of wrestling shirts that don't look like wrestling shirts, this is waaaaaay up there.

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