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2023 Joshi Puroresu Discussion Thread


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Mifu Ashida scored the upset over Kyuuri to win the contender's tournament, so she's facing Ibuki Hoshi in Ibuki's first defense of the Infinity Title, with the match being set for Ice Ribbon's big show at the Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall on 11/3. Mifu has looked really impressive in her matches so far, so while I'm a bit surprised to see her challenging for the title already, she's certainly looked like she's belonged in the mix. Her match against Ibuki should be fun to watch!

Ibuki may be going into that as a double champion, as she is going to be taking Hikaru Shimizu's place in the International Ribbon Tag Title match and teaming with Kaho Matsushita against Sumika Yanagawa and Misa Kagura on 10/22. Ibuki dropped out of university to focus exclusively on her wrestling and idol activities with her group H!Fly, and her first act was to say she wanted to team with Kaho to show the world Ice Ribbon's future by bringing the belts back from the team from JTO.

Misa Kagura is going into that match as a double champion as well, since she won the POP Title from Chie Ozora at today's Pure-J doubleheader!

Ibuki has also been announcing idol groups for the concert/wrestling show that she, along with her H!Fly partners, is putting on at 11/5 (also at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall). Two of the groups feature Aiki and Amu Yumesaki, who wrestled for Ice Ribbon earlier in the year but decided to focus on their idol careers and stepped away from wrestling, so it's nice to see them come back for this occasion.

Mifu wasn't the only rookie making an impression at today's show, though, as ZONES apparently wants another match with Asuka Fujitaki and asked for Ice Ribbon to schedule her again. Mayuka Koike also had a solid outing, lasting for nine minutes against Totoro Satsuki.

A lot's going on!

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Best match from last night: Mizuki vs Miyu Yamashita

Worst match from last night: Suzu Suzuki, Maika, & Megan Bayne vs Bari Bari Bombers (Giulia, Thekla, & Mai Sakurai)

I would like to request a whole lot more of Juria Nagano vs Moka Miyamoto.

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Here's one I bet folks didn't expect... an Arsion final show! AKINO, Leon, and Yuu Yamagata will wrestle, and quite a few original members of the roster will attend. (Don't hold your breath for Ayako Hamada or Aja Kong.) I would 100% not be surprised if Kizuna Tanaka ends up on the show to represent her mom, Yumi Fukawa, either.

Either way, January 12, 2024! If there's a stream, I'll get it.


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No Stardom rep at WK next year, they will instead run an entire show beforehand, which is potentially going to directly clash with TJPW

Historic X-Over (or whatever the cool kids call it) will return. Mayu wants to team with Tana. Hoping for the AZM-Ospreay dream team personally (if he's still around by then)

And All Star Grand Queendom announced for 27 April in Yokohama again, but at the smaller soon to be rebuilt Buntai. Which I'll admit has me slightly worried as they sold more tickets this year than that arena is supposed to have capacity, and I was hoping to go next year - sumotickets you're my only hope

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The lack of WK representation doesn't surprise me. Was surprised to see them push a big show the same day right before. I assume the hope is to draw in WK crowds. I suppose I should have seen it coming as Stardom and NJPW have noticeably been having some of their bigger shows closer together be that date and/or location wise.

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Looking at recent pictures, Mayu no longer has her yaeba charm point tooth and her teeth are even straighter.

Tall flippy borb Saya is coming back. She been doing more aerobic exercises in gym as well as muscle training her other body parts, and in ring passive training and mat training in the dojo. It was gonna take 6 months for her to comeback but she can come back earlier.

She was close to retiring. But she changed her mind because she thinks about pro wrestling too much.

She is scared of flying and will reevaluate her style.


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Good start to the Goddess tournament tonight, although a team was changed last minute, as Cevin (Lady C/Miyu Amasaki) was replaced by C & Ami Sohrei.



Ruaka defeated Yuna Mizumori

Donna Del Mondo (Thekla and Mai Sakurai) vs. Mirai and Miyu Amasaki

Giulia defeated Michiko  (fka Andras Miyagi)

Crazy Star (Suzu Suzuki and Mei Seira) vs. Prominence (Risa Sera and Hiragi Kurumi) ended in a time-limit draw

 Moonlight Venus (Mina Shirakawa and Waka Tsukiyama) defeated Maximum za Mini (Saya Iida and Hanako)

Divine Kingdom (Maika and Megan Bayne) defeated Reiwa Tokyo Towers (Ami Sourei and Lady C)

XL (Natsuko Tora and Momo Watanabe) defeated Anecon (Syuri and Saki Kashima) 
Afterwards, a video played where Aliss Ink, a Scandinavian wrestler, challenged Syuri to a UWF-style match

FWC (Hazuki and Koguma) defeated Eye Contact (Mayu Iwatani and Hanan)  


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Tsukina Umino's leave of absence will end after one month; she announced she will return at Ice Ribbon's 11/3 show at Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall. It appears her return match will be against Chanyota from PPP.

Whoever wins tomorrow's 1111/Ibuki Hoshi & Kaho Matsushita International Ribbon Tag Title match have already received their first challenger, as QUEEN VALKYRIE (YuuRI & Ancham) have challenged.

Ice Ribbon also announced that there will be a third Tokyo Dome City Prism Hall show from 11/3 to 11/5, with the H!Fly Produce show now becoming a doubleheader with a Samurai TV anniversary show. Three trios matches and two talk segments were announced to go along with it.

- Kyusei Sakura Hirota, Ayako Sato, and Hamuko Hoshi vs. Ibuki Hoshi, Arisa Shinose, and Kizuna Tanaka
- Aja Kong, Hiroyo Matsumoto, and Aya Mizunami vs. YuuRI, Kaho Matsushita, and Yukari Hosokawa
- Arisa Nakajima, SAKI, and Haruka Umesaki vs. Unagi Sayaka, Maya Yukihi, and Riko Kaiju

The two talk segments are Masahiro Chono and Shota Umino, and Keiji Muto and Kaito Kiyomiya.

So uh, that was out of nowhere!

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23 hours ago, Sparkleface said:

Whoever wins tomorrow's 1111/Ibuki Hoshi & Kaho Matsushita International Ribbon Tag Title match have already received their first challenger, as QUEEN VALKYRIE (YuuRI & Ancham) have challenged.

Well, so much for that. The match between 1111 and Ibuki and Kaho went to a time limit draw, so per Ice Ribbon's rules, the titles are vacated. It's the first time the titles have been vacated under the 30 minute time limit, as the last times the titles were vacated due to draws, it was under the old 20 minute time limit rules. It's also the first time the titles have been vacated since 2017 due to the time limit rule. EDIT: They were also vacated in 2021 due to Kurumi tearing her ACL, but that's a different circumstance, of course.

Ibuki and Kaho are tweeting that they are going to be in a decision match on 11/3 against QUEEN VALKYRIE to determine the next champions, which means Ibuki will be doing double duty and also defending the Infinity title against Mifu Ashida. Ice Ribbon hasn't confirmed this yet, but usually in Ice Ribbon, if a wrestler announces something, it's as good as confirmed.

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The International Ribbon Tag Title decision match between Ibuki Hoshi & Kaho Matsushita vs. QUEEN VALKYRIE is official for 11/3; Ibuki will wrestle twice on the show. It appears the holdup in making the match official was because there was some discussion about this being an interim title match if 1111 could not participate, as typically when a champion is stripped due to the time limit rule they get to participate in the decision match. Ice Ribbon outright stated that 1111 could not confirm their participation schedule, thus the match will go on as Ibuki and Kaho against QV, and the winners will be the 61st champions.

1111 is booked out by JTO (and Taka Michinoku himself, apparently), who have made a lot of mistakes with their schedule, including several instances of double-booking over the last few months, so I don't think this is an issue with Sumika Yanagawa or Misa Kagura themselves. The day before 176BOX where they went to the draw, Sumika had to come off the dojo show because Taka had double-booked her for flyer duty for a JTO show as well as wrestling for Ice Ribbon. My guess is that Ice Ribbon wanted to move the belts off 1111 without punishing them for the booking issues, since it's not their fault. (I also would not be too surprised to see Misa Kagura start to get a lot of looks in other groups; she's pretty good.)

I'm honestly not sure what they'll do here. Pulling the trigger on making Ibuki a double champion and giving Kaho her first title sounds great, but Ancham is very popular and YuuRI is a solid hand, and you'd think if it was going to Ibuki and Kaho they would have done it at 10/22. But then again... Ibuki and Kaho winning it here gives them a defense against 1111 later down the road if they want to do that. Hmm.

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Full lineup for the 11/3 Prism Hall show is set.

1) Yuko Sakurai vs. Yuu Hanaya
2) Miyako Matsumoto & Saran vs. Mayuki Koike & Syaa
3) SAKI vs. Arisa Shinose
4) Tsukina Umino vs. Chanyota
5) Ibuki Hoshi & Kaho Matsushita vs. YuuRI & Ancham (International Ribbon Tag Title, decision match)
6) Aja Kong & Hamuko Hoshi vs. Totoro Satsuki & Asuka Fujitaki
7) Ibuki Hoshi (c) vs. Mifu Ashida (ICExInfinity title match, Ibuki's first defense)

The first appearances in 2023 for Miyacoco and SAKI, as well as the first match since debuting for Yuu Hanaya. Having the Infinity title go on last says a lot about what they think about Mifu Ashida; I was honestly expecting the tag title to go on last. Asuka gets her trial by fire against Aja Kong, as is common for Ice Ribbon rookies.

No Kyuuri, which I guess isn't a surprise thinking back; she usually struggles to make non-weekend shows considering the age of her child. No Nanae Furukawa either, who has been acting in a play, although she's on this weekend's dojo show teaming with Kaho against Arisa Shinose and Saran, so she's working back into the mix.

There's also a few matches being held on 11/4 at an idol festival taking place at Prism Hall, with Rina Amikura & Yuko Sakurai going against Ibuki Hoshi & Saran at 10am, and a two match card of Kaho Matsushita vs. Arisa Shinose and Hamuko Hoshi & Kyuuri vs. YuuRI & Ancham at noon.

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A switch in those first two matches, as Yuu Hanaya has withdrawn. She's been getting more acting gigs recently and has been the most quiet of the Challengers, so I wouldn't be surprised if she's done.

1) Yuko Sakurai vs. Mayuki Koike
2) Miyako Matsumoto & Saran vs. Syaa & chou・chou

chou・chou is from Hot Shushu. She's very much a rookie. I suspect there will be a lot of Miyacoco antics.

The H!Fly produced show on 11/5 had it's lineup announced as well.

1) SAKI, Rina Amikura, and Yuko Sakurai vs. Misa Kagura, Sumika Yanagawa, and Saran
2) Hamuko Hoshi & Asuka Fujitaki vs. YuuRI & Mifu Ashida
3) Chiitan vs. Ribbonne
4) Ibuki Hoshi & Arisa Shinose vs. Kaho Matsushita & Yuuki Minami

Ribbonne is the Ice Ribbon mascot and is usually represented as a plush doll. Chiitan is a rogue mascot that has appeared in Ice Ribbon before at one of the Princess Party shows, most notably attacking Kaho Matsushita.

If you see that tweet and go "hey, that mascot looks familiar", and you're a regular John Oliver watcher... yes. It's THIS Chiitan.


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