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Onita will wrestle for the rest of his life. His 50th anniversary in ring will be celebrated in this year.

Ishikawa and Onita in electric current blast, dunno if singles or tags so wait later for more info. If Ishikawa loses then Onita replaces him in the CC, it would be Onita's first CC..

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Onita invaded AJPW, the next All Asia tags match will use twice the power for electric blasts deathmatch.

Takao Omori, Black Mensore, and ATM defeated Black Tiger, Yusuke Kodama, and Masao Hanabata for the inactive 6 man tags.

Kento defeated NOAH Wrestler Inamura, Kento called out for NOAH. Kento and Yuma Anzai and Ryo Inoue are a trio now. Kento shooted and called out for Mitsuhiro Kitamiya, Masa Kitamiya's of NOAH real name.

There are ongoing Suwama vs Kenoh stuff I left out.

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3 hours ago, Red King said:

Rather have Yuma Aoyagi as GHC champion.

Yuma (or Nomura) should dethrone Nagata. Kento can’t be TC champ forever, and he could bring some superstar charisma to NOAH. But I’d be happy either way!

I expect Kenoh-Soya might get AJ’s tag belts, which is too bad, since Nomura-Yuma deserve a longer reign, but could at least lead to some good matches.

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Triple post!

Next AJPW card:

AJPW "DREAM POWER SERIES 2023", 21.03.2023 (AJPW.tv) 
Ota City General Gymnasium 

1. Black Menso~re vs. Oji Shiiba 
2. Takao Omori, Yoshitatsu & Mitsuya Nagai  vs. Hiroyoshi Tenzan , Yutaka Yoshie & X 
3. Jr. Battle of Glory 2023 Skirmish: Rising HAYATO vs. Hikaru Sato 
4. Jr. Battle of Glory 2023 Skirmish: Atsuki Aoyagi vs. Dan Tamura 
5. Minoru Suzuki & Hokuto Omori vs. Jun Saito & Rei Saito 
6. Shotaro Ashino & Ryuki Honda vs. Suwama & KONO 
7. All Japan vs. NOAH Special Six Man Tag Match: Kento Miyahara, Yuma Anzai & Ryo Inoue vs. X , X  & X  
8. AJPW World Tag Team Title: Yuma Aoyagi & Naoya Nomura (c) vs. Kenoh  & Manabu Soya  
9. Triple Crown: Yuji Nagata  (c) vs. Shuji Ishikawa

Pretty fun-looking show.

Wonder if Suzuki can get anything out of the Saitos? I’m not a big Soya fan, but that tag title match has the potential to be great. The TC match could be real mediocre, but I’m intrigued. I wonder if Nagata can take Shuji’s big moves.

X in match 2 is one of the Xs for the Carnival. Because of the presence of Tenzan, there’s speculation that it will be Kojima.

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Cyber Fight has adjusted their mask policies in accordance with the government guidelines. Masks are now optional for spectators but may depend on the venue.


I think they might have altered their statement because I thought I saw something about still needing masks for autograph events and whatnot. New Japan has not issued an updated statement yet.

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DDT had their 5 hour JUDGEMENT show at Tokyo Korakuen Hall, the show had 15 matches. Tetsuya Endo pinned Naruki Doi (c) to become the new DDT Universal champion.

At the G PRO-WRESTLING VER.47, show, Minoru Tanaka (c) beat Quiet Storm to retain the Gaora TV title.

Rest of the results are out there if you know how to get them.

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The next AJPW World Tag defense is at some NOAH event

Pics and info from the latest AJPW show 


Tenzan hinted at obtaining the belt Yoshitatsu has. 

Yoshitatsu was booed when he came out for the post Triple Crown /CC promo. The CC winner determines the next Triple Crown challenger.

Suzuki's unit in AJPW still has no name.  So just keep calling it New Unit for now.

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