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Not sure if accurate...

Total attendance Jan. to Feb. 2023:

New Japan: 60,175 (22 shows)
NOAH: 53,054 (10 shows)
Stardom: 13,007 (18 shows)
Dragon Gate: 10,576 (26 shows)
All Japan: 6,648 (9 shows)
DDT: 4,562 (14 shows)
Tokyo Joshi: 4,125 (11 shows)
Big Japan: 3,467 (17 shows)

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I had a blast watching the All Star Junior Festival. So cool to see so many companies represented and some lesser known talent given a showcase to shine. Also you can really feel how much the crowd is enjoying being able to cheer and shout again. Korakuen was rocking.

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The first 3 Fantastica Mania shows were fine, entertaining enough, and satisfying for the audiences who attended.  I can't strongly recommend particular matches, though. 

Have you seen the 2/26 show in Chiba yet? The Místico, Soberano Jr. & El Desperado vs. Hechicero, Templario & DOUKI match was amazing, probably my favorite of the tour.  

Dave rated Soberano Jr vs. Hechicero on the final Korakuen night lower than, say, Volador Jr vs. Templario on the previous night, and I would have completely switched those ratings around, but hey, everyone's got their specific tastes and all that.  Point being, if you skipped the match for that reason, definitely go back and check it out.  I loved it, and actually wished it could've gone a few minutes longer.  



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Naito won his match, of course.

Sanada won with his new finish. Taichi's pecking order in NJPW is the same after NJPW's 50th anniversary, regardless of his new unit.

Bullet Club still has no leader, the BC unit remains the leaderless unit. The sub unit HOT has Evil as the leader of HOT inside the unit.

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If Kenoh and Soya win the AJPW World Tags and the NOAH GHC tags, the GHC World tags will be born. However it's not a real unification. 

The GHC HW is now below the IWGP World HW in pecking order, it's up to Jake Lee to enhance the value of the GHC HW, or Kaito to overcome the odds.

Even though NOAH is the bigger promotion over AJPW, the Triple Crown is more valuable over the GHC HW.

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Re: Wearing masks in Japan


NJPW will continue to ask fans to wear masks at venues although cheering is now allowed and venues will now operate at 100% capacity. Come May they will revise their policies as necessary.


NOAH, DDT and TJPW are also continuing to ask fans to mask. Their statements are exactly the same since they came via CyberFight.



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55 minutes ago, Red King said:


Muto and Okada interview


Muto confirmed The Rock could had been Muto's final opponent. But the Rock costs too much. 

Muto wants to revive Pro Wrestling Masters cards, lots of active wrestlers are older now and could participate.

Lol, so Rock could have been Muto’s last opponent to the same extent he could be my first.

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