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AEW Dynamite - 11/23/2022

The Natural

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2 hours ago, Matt D said:

My primarily goal  to figure out how to fill that extra time on my commute on Thursdays where I would have been watching that portion of Dynamite for a span of multiple weeks (obviously not an issue this week but I've got to start somewhere). You whatever brings you the most joy through this journey, my friend. I can tell you right now that the 79 Hawaii match (number 2) is pretty awesome and maybe Jumbo's best performance of the 70s (maybe!) though.

May i recommend some podcasts? 😉

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man, the fans on the hard camera couldn't look like they gave two fucks about Jericho/Ishii even after the superfluous "you hit me, I hit you" sequences led to Chris Jericho bleeding from the chest. I know they won't do it because it's not good for appearances but dim the lights so that the fans staring at the match isn't so obvious (or don't spend so much time on the hard camera)

there's a hierarchy thing about why Elite/Death Triangle isn't gonna be in the main event for some/most of these 7 matches? gotta put one of your several World Champs in the main event.

also, Regal has been disappeared, for now. MJF wasn't there. Ethan Page lost to Ricky Starks (oh yeah, your title contender eliminator is the 3rd most important match of the card?). So we get Ricky Starks vs MJF at some unknown future time.

I haven't been watching enough to be aware of Hager's hat thing. Orange Cassidy did some neat spots. The House of Black is back from whatever they were doing for a few months.

Then Claudio shows up at the end to bitchslap Jericho. Cya on Friday Afternoon if you're not watching College Football.

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Any possible sympathy you may have had for the Elite side of this mess with Punk COMPLETELY went out the window tonight.  You can't scream LET IT GO then constantly reference it.  Also it is clear Punk is coming back to I guess be the gooder guy in this feud of douches because if not then this is most childish shit in many years.  

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I gotta know. Do we think Tony is good or bad this week?

The Elite match and the heat was incredible. I was smiling the whole time.

That last match was match of the night. They were chopping into commercial, and in my head, I thought they should keep it going, and they did. This was the match I didn't know I wanted and it was awesome.

Great show. Hopefully the Gunns don't screw up FTR/Top Flight on Friday too.

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5 minutes ago, Red King said:

Interesting show.

I guess William to WWE?

Interesting that Kenny bit the dude. And the mocking of CM Punk.

Thunder Rosa stripped of her belt is good, no more salty games and one less title.

I liked the main event.  



3 minutes ago, John from Cincinnati said:

Who knows what his contract situation is with AEW, but if he were available you know he's at the top of the new regime's re-hiring list.

WWE getting rid of William Regal is one of the stupidest sackings ever. One of the few in the history of wrestling who can do it all: wrestle, coach, face, heel, commentary, manage, promos, comedy, authority figure. If Regal's available, you hire him on the spot.

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