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18 minutes ago, Infinit said:

WWE is now doing post event press conferences lol


They have been for at least some of the events. I know Crown Jewel had one, I’m pretty sure Clash At The Castle did (so before the infamous AEW one), Summerslam did

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I like that they are deciding on having WM in different cities.  At this time last year the plan seemed to be basically run in a 3 or 4 town major loop until a new stadium is created and then MAYBE add them to the list.    It is clear from Summerslam this year that Nashville could run a WM weekend.  

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On 11/19/2022 at 12:32 PM, Niners Fan in CT said:

I get that part of it but let's look at a few things here..  

When BCC was formed with Moxley and Bryan it had buzz but what did they actually do with it? War Games "Blood and Guts" was the only memorable thing i can think of out of the whole alliance. Jericho's crew sucks..  Hager sucks. Guevara sucks. Jericho himself is stale. Danny Garcia is boring as hell. They had the BCC feuding with these dopes for months. Completely killed the buzz. 

Ricky Starks and Powerhouse Hobbs had some buzz but then you don't see them on TV for weeks at a time. 

Same thing with Wardlow. He had some buzz, but why do they have him fighting literal jobbers on Rampage and shit for weeks after he won that TNT belt? No follow up from the MJF win. 

Speaking of MJF.. not really sure tweener or babyface is the way to go. Maybe it's a ruse but that stable The Firm?  Also sucks... only the manager Stokely has some personality. 

Miro disappears for weeks. Jade Cargill spends most of her time on Rampage while Toni Storm is ice cold. Jade and The Baddies could be more culturally relevant than they are. Jade was just on The Breakfast Club. Why is she always on Rampage. 

The Ring of Honor shit has also flopped. Nobody is caring about any of that. 

The only thing they've capitalized on is The Acclaimed. I was worried Tony would blow that too. 

There's injuries and suspensions but there's also outright terrible booking. 

You can't push Danny Garcia and Wheeler Yuta over Powerhouse Hobbs and other talent that were just sitting around with nothing to do. 

Those dry ass "wrestlers' wrestlers" might work for PWG but this is a national promotion. Act like it. 

Yuta and Garcia are fucking great. There’s enough tv time to feature them, Hobbs & Starks. And Jake Hager is really entertaining in his current role. The problem isn’t BCC vs. JAS. The guys involved in those angles, especially Mox, Jericho, and Danielson, are proven live event draws and eyes on screen draws. The problem is no plan for cm punk derailing six months of booking plans with his bullshit.

I find most of this take pretty rancid, but idk why I expected different from a guy who unironically said Sasha Banks was the greatest American womens wrestler of all time…

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47 minutes ago, Nice Guy Eddie said:

There used to be a sandwich shop here in Louisville called "Joe Davola's".  It was so good.  The owners were contacted by the real Joe Davola, the producer. They figured it was going to be a cease and desist, but he was cool with it. I think he even stopped in once and ate there. They would play Seinfeld all the time on a little tv/vcr combo. They had a poster signed by the guy that did the theme song (he's from Louisville).  Anyway, I really miss that place. They had a BLT with pimento cheese on it that was excellent.

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I know it's a couple pages back but what's the problem with Ethan Page and Penta? I could see maybe thinking Lethal is boring but those two are pretty good, IMO. Personally, I doubt we'll see Jarrett again anytime soon (watch, as soon as 8PM hits tonight, he's chasing Leon Ruffin with a guitar).

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Penta I dislike the presentation of - Abrahantes is awful - the stuff with Spooky Penta/Alex was dumb, the bouncing around from heel to face, losing clean in the same midcard match every couple weeks, the inability to put together a coherent match - the criticisms of Adam Page for this are much greater, yet Penta just seems to work taunts and pointless arm work around Fenix's high spots. They don't seem to grasp the concept of getting heat in a straight up tag match, as the tag rules are never adhered to, no-one sells and its just dives spammed in - which works great in scenarios like the cage match with the Bucks where you expect it, but in throwaway tag matches on TV every week it detracts from the spectacle. Also very tired of the same "oh no they took his mask off so he lost" finish happening multiple times a month (also a Preston Vance thing).

Ethan Page there's just nothing particularly interesting about him. There's nothing offensive about him in-ring (although the constant super-finishes with the avalanche Ego's Edge probably needs some discussion), but he's just a bland character that they just put in angles/teams that he doesn't have a compelling enough personality to buy into. Men of the Year were a perfectly inoffensive lower card tag act, but seemed massively out of place in the ATT angle, and doesn't really seem the right fit for The Firm or that he's now possibly the top contender. Isn't charismatic enough to be a face, too many guys doing the same heel schtique, and I don't think the way he wrestles gets him enough heat to make him seem credible. I think I said poor Shawn Spears, but in hindsight, poor Bobby Roode is probably more realistic. I think there's potential for him with the right tag partner to find his niche in that division?

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I haaaaaaaaate the mask spot. When it happened for a second time in two weeks, I was like "Oh wow, so they're really going to unmask him??" But no! Just a repeat finish!! So soon again that I thought it was *foreshadowing!!!*

But, that said, I must admit that I do have a soft spot for the Lucha Bros.' whole 0!M! schtick, as spammy as Penta can be with it. I know, I know. I think i was just socialized that way by growing up in the era of the catchphrase.

Whatever Penta does though, Fenix is one of the best on the planet IMO right now, so he kinda lifts the whole boat for me. I also dig Alex for some reason - I agree that its a weird fit that may not work for everyone, but for me he has this sort of strange, frenetic little brother energy around those guys that I find kinda endearing. 

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