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Impact Wrestling Spoilers for 11/10/22 - Las Vegas, NV

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*Taped for BTI: Killer Kelly def. Sandra Moone (4:33) via Killer Clutch submission

Impact Wrestling - Airing November 10, 2022 from Las Vegas, NV

*Joe Hendry def. Brian Myers(c) (w/ Matt Cardona) (6:06) after the Standing Ovation to WIN the Impact Digital Media Championship. When Cardona tried to interfere, Heath & Rhino came out and fought him to the back.

*Trey Miguel def. Speedball Mike Bailey (11:01) to advance to the finals of the X Division Championship Tournament via DQ when Kenny King interfered to cost Speedball.

*Bhupinder Gujjar def. G Sharpe (3:59) after the Gargoyle Spear

*Mickie James def. Chelsea Green (10:39) with a jackknife rollup.

*Bully Ray def. Zicky Dice (w/ Johnny Swinger) (1:08) after the Bully Bomb. After the match, Moose spears Bully through a table. Afterwards, Bully challenged Moose to a Tables Match at Overdrive. 

*Jordynne Grace(c) def. Gisele Shaw (w/ Jai Vidal) (15:06) with the Grace Driver to retain the knockouts championship. After the match, Masha Slamovich returned and attacked Jordynne with a steel chair, laying her out with the Snow Plow on a pile of chairs.


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Brian Meyers and Joe Hendry for the belt!  This got fun after a while and stayed fun for less than a minute, as Joe Hendry is our new Digital Media Champion.  Alan Angels is in his first vignette with VBD and it was very IMPACT!y.  Speedball Mike Bailey!  Trey Miguel!  This is very fast in a high-end Lucha Libre way.  NICE Silver King Moonsault by Speedball.  Jayzeus, Speedball crushes the chest of Miguel.  Oh man, did that finish suck.  Kenny King gets Speedball disqualified?  What the fuck?  Taya Valkyrie is acting weirder- like Morticia Addams, when they are trying to fire up JesSICKa to take on Tasha Steelz.  So it's great.  It's the Konosuke Takeshita of IMPACT!, Bhupinder Gujjar!  G Sharpe I am unfamiliar with.  He looks good in this, though.  Gujjar hits some cool things before winning with the GARGOYLE SPEAR!  YAY! GUJJAR IS BACK!  More JesSICKa vignettes!  She's drinking because she is reading ODB's book!  It's Chelsea Green!  It's Mickie James!  Hey!  They are having a 1975 Mid-Atlantic studio match.  I back their play to go one hundred percent old school one hundred percent!  Deonna Purrazzo GETS THROWN OUT!  And the crowd GOES NUTS!  I'm thinking that is my current favorite thing not having to do with anything in the ring in wrestling currently.  It's like a manager in baseball getting thrown out of the game, but it's always the visiting team.   They have a very convoluted spot 9 count spot.  This is good, as you would think.  There is a very elongated ref bump.  GREAT nearfall after an UnPrettier by Green!  James gets the pin by countering a Missile Dropkick into a roll-up!  That was some old school wrestling.  It's Johnny Swinger!  It's Bully Ray!  I don't think I've seen Billy Ray Dudley wrestle since his TNA run.  I remember it was good.  Oh!  It was Zicky Dice who gets beaten in ten seconds.  Moose puts Bully Ray through a table postmatch.  So that WAS Chelsea Green's last match in IMPACT!  I heard she was going to the WWE.  It's Gisele Shaw!  It's Jordynn Grace!  I assume this will be STIFF!  Both of these folks will lay it in.  Oh yeah!  They are laying it in.  NICE Spinebuster by Grace.  Grace bumps BIG to the floor!  This match is great as they beat the hell out of each other.  Shaw channels Wahoo McDaniel and makes with the Knife Edged Chops!  Oh man, Gisele Shaw is FUCKING LAYING IT IN and Jordynn Grace is LAYING IT THE FUCK IN!  I see that the Masha Slamovich match has influenced Grace's outlook when it comes to the stiffness level to be achieved.  This match is fucking great.  GNARLY DDT by Shaw!  GREAT nearfall on a fucking CRAZY Superplex Into A Jackhammer.  GREEAT nearfall on a Gory Bomb by Grace!   Shaw hits a beautiful Backbreaker into a Flatliner FOR TWO!  Grace hits a Powerbomb into a Grace Driver FOR THE WIN!  That match was fucking great.  POSTMATCH!  MASHA RETURNS!  SLAMOVICH NORTHERN LIGHTS BOMBS JORDYNN GRACE ON A WAD OF CHAIRS!  OH FUCK YEAH!  So fucking great.

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So, Giselle Shaw and Jordynne Grace killed it tonight. And perfect ending with the Masha attack, setting up the eventual rematch, which should be epic. 

Also enjoyed Mickie/Chelsea. Nice fake-outs with the ref bump and Deonna interference. 

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A great night of IMPACT!

Killer Kelly is always must see. Short but solid match. Sandra Moone looked good, complete with full entrance.

I believe in Joe Hendry! Great moment. Brian Myers ended up turning this Digital Media run in to a real memorable one.

Trey/Speedball was awesome as would be expected. Several 'oh shit' spots throughout. The poison rana over the ropes looked epic, Speedball's follow up moonsault and the brutal standing Ultima Weapon on the outside. Great stuff. I did dig Kenny King's post-match promo after. Good video on Kazarian's IMPACT history too, nice job making him seem like more of a potential threat. 

Mickie/Chelsea was fun, not as great as their last match but good. Hate to see Chelsea go, but credit to the storyline reasoning calling back to Chelsea beating Mickie last time and Mickie going home after to turning that around on Chelsea.

Really good main event. Jordynne was busting out all sorts of offense that was a believable finish. The superplex into Juggernaut Jackhammer ruled. Popped for the Masha return, had been missing her since BFG. Glad to see that feud will continue.

PCO Lives!

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a. What a run Grace is on! Loved the finish here. Masha Slamovich is clearly the real deal. 
b. Chelsea Green is an excellent heel. If rumour is true, I look forward to her gaining a deserved bigger spotlight, but I really hope it plays to her heel strengths. Mickie James has that babyface act down to perfection. James v Green drew me in and provided a fair amount of fun. 

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8 hours ago, Curt McGirt said:

Joe Hendry is proof that wrestling fans will chant for absolutely anything. 

You're onto something there. The Impact Zone is not afraid of a chant along, it wasn't too long ago I heard a half assed chant along to 'I'm Matt Taven!' It had the velocity of a Raw audience, in awfully small portion, chanting 'Johnny Wrestling'! 

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