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Black Adam - 10/21/2022 (Spoilers)

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Finally caught this on HBOMax.

I thought it was adequately entertaining but nothing special on the whole. The Rock was fine, but Black Adam is a role that works against his better attributes as Teth doesn't have the most electric personality. I thought Hodge's Hawkman was one of the weakest parts. Hodge was fine himself, but the character was not written the best outside of the moments with Fate. Brosnan as Fate was easily the best part which makes his death suck all the more. I thought his interactions with everyone were good and the biggest highlights of the film. Adrianna's son was annoying despite his importance in driving things forward. The JSA being so small and working with Waller felt off here. I get trying not to go too big withthe cast, but it just feels weird considering its usual size. I did like the break up of two old leading two younger members. Also loved Winkler being Al Pratt. That casting just felt so right. I dug the guy who played the nephew. Definitely wouldn't mind seeing more of him Atom Smasher and the girl playing Cyclone. Working with Waller was weird. Her area of the world feels a bit too dark for the JSA to comfortably work with. Bones would have made more sense. Cavil's appearance as Superman mid credits made sense though just isn't as interesting o r exciting as Levi as Marvel showing up would have been.

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Watched it on HBO max. . . Ugh. Why were we supposed to think he was evil? He sees the private security who invaded his country trying kill a kid (fuck that kid) and his mom and he defends them. . . I know the two companies have different characters and origins, and I don't know who is older, but hawkman has the xmens plane, and a Dr strange ripoff(007 ftw), Ant-Man and the score was really bad. It sounded like it was wrapping up for a solid half hour.

These dc whimps wouldn't last a day in the MCU.

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