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MLB OFFSEASON (P&C Report 2/14/23)


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14 minutes ago, RIPPA said:

Justin Turner signs with the Red Sox

2 years, a hair under $22 million

Opt out after first year

So basically a Justin Turner for JD Martinez trade. 

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The deal with the Mets is 12 years, $315 million

Correa is expected to the one to move to 3B (with Linder staying at SS)

Their tax bill will now be in the $100 million range

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6 hours ago, Serious Darius Bagfelt said:

Carlos Correa swerves the Giants and joins the Mets instead.  Does this make the Mets the MWO at this point?

The plot thickens...

Apparently Correa failed his physical in SF, found out, and signed with the Mets before the news came out.  

Also, assuming he joins the Mets -- and that's a big assumption at this point -- he'll be playing 3rd.  Where he has...  *checks notes* ...zero (0) starts.  

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