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Grand Slam II - Dynamite - 9/21/2022

Dolfan in NYC

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1 hour ago, Blue Dragon said:

Another rumor is Maria Kanellis.

If that means we get a Women's Wrestling Army pipeline to the AEW/ROH Women's Division I am 150% for this.


And vice versa for your indie reps for the talent on Dark

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4 hours ago, Leonidas said:

I really need to rewatch Mox / Danielson 1 again. Anyone know what show it was on? It was one of my favourite AEW matches and definite MOTYC. I genuinely don't think they can one-up themselves if they wrestle the same match. They're going to have to change it up, excited to see how.


4 hours ago, JLowe said:

Revolution 3/6/2022


1 hour ago, Leonidas said:

Their match still holds up, especially with Regal's debut afterwards. Just watching it has put me in a good mood after some tough dental work this morning. Main difference in Mox/Danielson 1 is BD is an out-n-out heel. For this match he is more of a tweener, but maybe he will lean more heel during the match. What a run these two men have been on. Not to forget Eddie and Yuta too. 

Revolution 2022 was held on my birthday and what a present getting three MOTYC in CM Punk vs. MJF (*****), Jon Moxley vs. Bryan Danielson and Eddie Kingston vs. Chris Jericho. Moxley/Danielson needs talking up more.

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24 minutes ago, NikoBaltimore said:

Well my wife wants to swim at night and I'll pass on that noise. Already got burned yesterday and the AC sounds great right now (we're in Key West) So it appears I'll be watching this after all tonight. Huzzah! 

Enjoy, my friend xxx.

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5 hours ago, HarryArchieGus said:

Caught this before I posted... Who is the 'baddest bitch from the 305' or whomever Diamonte was on about? Somebody mentioned Mercedes? I also saw Velvet alluded to? I really hope Velvet isn't being brought back as a babyface. She was really find her niche as a Baddie. Mercedes-Jade however sounds like a helluva bout.  

I figured OG Baddie and 305 meant Red Velvet, who would tease being face but end up turning on Diamante and re-siding with Jade anyway.

the "Baddest Bitch" part would go for Ivelisse (Diamante's former AEW tag partner), but she's been vocal about it not being her and not being from Miami.

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I know it's trite to point out that Claudio is a freak, but I get nervous these days when people need to lift Jericho. He helped Chris up with ease for that rana off the ropes. Thing of beauty. Jericho winning should be a boon to the "get ROH a TV deal ASAP, what's going on with ROH, has anyone heard anything about ROH" crowd.

Doing media earlier in the week, MJF was saying the Road Warrior pop is now the MJF pop. Pretty sure it's the Acclaimed pop. Think they had the perfect finish after the boom box spot, cooled the crowd down for a beat going a bit longer and running into a blown spot. But all's well that ends well. Slim chance it was going to touch the sleeper success of the PPV match, but still quite fun. Ready for big things for Swerve after distinguishing himself during this reign and especially the PPV defense. 

I warned you all it was coming. Blackpool Cuckold Club~!

Does PAC have the best current DDT bump? Maybe. Nice OChicanery with the legs straight up inviting PAC in. OC's getting closer, PAC's getting more desperate to avoid the losing the intensity vs sloth war. To be continued. In like eight months probably. 

Be careful not to get caught in a backslide counter around the Professor or she'll teach you a lesson. Also, don't attack the Professor when she's on the apron, if she has three opponents then she'll run through all three. Very high ring IQ. Bad break for Britt, hope it's nothing serious.  Hope Saraya is able to handle any unfinished business she thinks she has left, since WWE wasn't gonna give her much. Good to see her.

The Darby video makes me long for him to do one that's as overtly comedic as possible. This was good, but not quite all the way there.

Regal isn't coming on to Ex, so that tells you it's time for some serious business. Some of the acoustics on those chops are wild, especially on the right corner on the camera side. Deathrider on the ramp was a great false finish. Loved Mox rolling rough the attempted counter of the choke off the buckles -- that'd fool a less experienced rassler, but not a highly seasoned Mox who's seemingly been in heavy training with Regal and Danielson. 

Bring on the Sting craziness on Friday.

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This might be unpopular, I thought Grand Slam Dynamite 2022 was very disappointing. Don't normally feel that way about AEW but did here including All Out 2022. Acclaimed vs. Swerve in our Glory had a much better match at All Out 2022, the audible needed to be called then and there. Moxley vs. Danielson wasn't even close to the Revolution 2022 match, that was a MOTYC unlike this. The wrong guy won. The frequent shots of MJF watching didn't help either. I didn't like Mox kicking out of two running knees. Ending felt rushed, a common issue with AEW is timings. This wasn't worth watching live.

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Ocho Baby! Tony will get that ROH tv deal! 

Jericho/Claudio overdelivered by trying to outclubber Sheamus/Gunther for the first half and then getting very ambitious with their spots in the second half. I’ve always respected Jericho more than I’ve enjoyed his matches, but his AEW run has been undeniable. Silkin no-selling Jericho’s offense and walking back to his seat directly in front of the camera lens was incredible. 

The Acclaimed are what was actually good about the Attitude Era as far as creativity and responses. I thought maybe they lost the crowd when Caster couldn’t complete the first Mic Drop attempt, but they got the reaction they were looking for on the finish. Swerve is a world-class prick, great stuff.

Damn Yuta really is Ricky Steamboat. 

Is Orange Cassidy ever going to arrive as singles wrestler or what? This felt like it should’ve been the payoff from the Revolution match that brought him full circle. 

Seeing Britt switch from oww my face mode to mugging for the camera was great. Hope she’s okay. Get Hayter away from Britt, why are we back where started? Hopefully they’re reestablishing her as a heel but she’ll be going solo. Maybe Saraya’s being brought in for some kind of role on the eventual women’s division show? She looked happy to be there. 

It wasn’t intentional, but the Bryan/Mox story has been the most consistent thing across this entire year and this all makes a lot of sense. Danielson’s injuries and the JAS feud sidelined him while Mox was making towns and bleeding in every one of them, so he’s kind of taken a backseat to Mox. Dragon overwhelms Mox from the start and beats the dog piss out of him so badly that Mox tries to switch to grappling, but it’s Danielson so that doesn’t work. Mox starts throwing desperation bombs, but Dragon’s got his number there too. Mox tries to murder his dear friend on the platform, and that doesn’t work. And Dragon’s unconscious again. Mox gave so much of that match to Danielson that it felt like he must be winning, but that was really good.  

Jericho/Claudio is my MOTN

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Poor Mox doesn't get a vacation.

Great match, really enjoyed it. Does Dragon need the belt? Nah. But AEW could use MOX as champ for longer.

Wheeler with a good promo with MJF.

No Jim Ross, again (YAY!).

Hysterical FITE TV commentary during the picture in picture.

Jericho as ROH Champ is a wild sentence. Hope he holds it long enough to work small ROH shows. Lol.

Tag Match was better on PPV, but this match was fun. Billy Gun.

Baker Bleeds!

Hope Saraya is healthy.

MJF in the rafters has NEO GEO Fighting Game Fight before Geese Howard kinda feel, which is rad. But, to many cuts up to him. Shoot the wide angel more.

Also, I'm over signs and belts in the crowd. AEW was trying a cool low angle panning shot (traditional camera side) and two idiots with WCW belts kept holding their belts up, and then later a Pokemon sign when they saw that angle on the big screen. Lame.

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6 minutes ago, S.K.o.S. said:

Natural gonna be like "You know, I've thought about it, and I think it was the right call to put the title on Mox"

I sincerely think Bryan Danielson does not want to be World Champion and has told the company such. Maybe because he knows he doesn't need the belt, maybe because he doesn't want to steal anyone's spotlight, or maybe he knows he's one concussion away from retirement. But I don't think he went to AEW to be a champion of anything.

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I'm not trying to be controversial, but in my opinion that was a pretty darned good professional wrestling television show. 

Really looking forward to reading our boy Natural's reaction to the main event over and over and over again for the next several years! (I was hoping for a Danielson win, too). (I don't feel like a Mox win is the end of the world, though).

If MJF's fans are Devil Worshippers, does that make PAC's fans


Neville Worshippers?

Oh boy was it cool to hear so many people erupting with joy for the good guy team winning the tag titles. Pro wrestling at its best.I

Really curious what, if anything, the hater-by-nature crowd (here and elsewhere) are going to come up with to complain about for this show. I tend to enjoy almost everything that AEW does... But I really enjoyed everything on this show. 

That was a pretty much perfect pro wrestling crowd, too. 

And we have an awesome Rampage to look forward to. 


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