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Motorway to the Premier League (EPL Predictions) Matchweek 7 (Take 2!) "Thank you Ma'am... for Everything" edition


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(Note: Tiebreakers updated 4:20 pm after news of further postponements)



Note the small change in scoring, and the tiebreaker this week. 10 Points for a right result (win/lose/draw), + Bonus 30 points for exact score.  (so, if you call the exact score, it's 40 points)

Weekly winners

Gameweek 1 (Exhibition) Pete and Fozzie 90

Gameweek 2 Yo-Yo's Roomie 120

Gameweek 3 Pete 50

Gameweek 4 Yo-Yo's Roomie 140 (Season Record, 2nd Win)

Gameweek 5: Pete 110 (2nd Win)

Gameweek 6: Yo-Yo's Roomie 70 (3rd win)

--- Scoring System updated ----

Gameweek 7 Take 1: Postponed

Gameweek 7 Take 2:???



Aston Villa-Southampton

Nottingham Forest-Fulham



Wolves-Man City






Everton-West Ham




Brighton-Palace (Rail Strikes/Queen)

Chelsea-Liverpool (Queen)

Man United-Leeds (Queen)


Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals across the seven games

Tiebreaker 2: Minute of first goal in Wolves-Man City


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Aston Villa 2-1 Southampton

Nottingham Forest 1-0 Fulham

Wolves 1-4 Man City

Newcastle 3-1 Bournemouth

Spurs 3-0 Leicester

Brentford 1-3 Arsenal

Everton 1-1 West Ham


Tiebreaker 1: Total Goals: 22

Tiebreaker 2: Minute of First goal in Wolves-City 29

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Villa 1-0 Southampton

Forest 2-3 Fulham

Wolves 0-3 Man City

Newcastle 1-1 Bournemouth

Tottenham 6-2 Leicester

Brentford 0-3 Arsenal

Everton 1-0 West Ham


Yo-Yo: Result: Fulham, Spurs, Exact: Man City, Everton: 100 Points

Fozzie: Result: City, Spurs, Arsenal 30 Points


Yo-Yo's Fourth Week win, and we have a couple weeks before the next set of matches


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