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Found 25 results

  1. Obviously will we just use the generally accepted notion of "foreign film" here. (Since yes US films are technically foreign films for our UK posters, etc...) There clearly will be cross-over since folks could easily talk about Train to Busan or Under the Shadow here or in horror For a starting point - Academy Awards nominations 2010-2014 2010 In a Better World (Winner) Biutiful Incendies Hors la loi (Outside the Law) Note: Dogtooth was also nominated but that is considered 2009 by IMDB 2011 A Separation (Winner) Rundskop (Bullhead) Hearat Shulayim (Footnote) In Darkness Monsieur Lazhar 2012 Amour (Winner) Kon-Tiki No A Royal Affair Rebelle (War Witch) 2013 La grande bellezza (The Great Beauty) (Winner) The Broken Circle Breakdown Jagten (The Hunt) The Missing Picture Omar 2014 Ida (Winner) Leviathan Tangerines Timbuktu Relatos salvajes (Wild Tales)
  2. Because of the preferences of the folks around here - Horror pimping could single-handedly overwhelm a General thread (just look at the first thread for the start of it). So here is your very own thread. Some places you might want to start (or totally disagree with) Film School Rejects (Top 50) Bloody Disgusting (Top 25)
  3. I plan on creating a few specific pimping threads for specific types of movies (but not all of them). But here is a starting point. This thread will especially be used for those bigger movies that are more "known" (like the comic book movies, the blockbusters, the Oscar winners, etc...) Some early reference materials that you may or may not find helpful That's the first half of the decade poll that @Chaos did. Not sure if he has the list in one complete form (Her was the #1 movie) This was the discussion thread of the decade (thus far) when we were doing the Greatest Movie Poll
  4. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018) is a contender for my top spot as the best film of the decade. Likely will be. The main reason why I've started this topic is because I've seen very little Disney and Pixar films from the last decade so seek recommendations. Toy Story 3 (2010) and Inside Out (2015) are the only ones I've seen. I will watch The Incredibles 2 (2018) and Toy Story 4 (2019) having seen the previous entries in each respective series. Thanks!
  5. Well we all got nothing but time now so in the tradition of all the other polls it is BEST OF THE 2010S~! time (I want to call it the Aughts but that is confusing too) Anyway BALLOTS DUE: July 1, 2020 (clearly a tentative date) BALLOT LENGTH: Minimum Ballot Length: 50 Movies. Maximum Ballot Length: 100 (Ranked 1-100) BALLOTS EMAIL: DVDVRMAIL AT GMAIL DOT COM (In an ideal world you will submit your ballot 1-100 MOVIE TITLE, DIRECTOR, YEAR) ELIGIBLE MOVIES: Release date between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2019 per IMDB I know there will be some wackiness with the IMDB dates... there are with any method we choose. We will hammer out the other stuff as we go. This thread will stay here for now for more eyeballs and then move to the sub-folder
  6. I think that Documentaries are always criminally underrated in these type of things and I am STILL bitter about Hoop Dreams not making the Greatest list. Anyway - this is a reminder that these are movies too and you might want to consider them. A starting point - these are the things that were nominated for Best Documentary at the Oscars (links go to IMDB). This is 2010-2014 2010 Inside Job (Winner) Exit Through the Gift Shop Gasland Restrepo Waste Land 2011 Undefeated (Winner) Hell and Back Again If A Tree Falls Paradise Lost 3: Purgatory Pina 2012 Searching for Sugar Man (Winner) Five Broken Cameras The Gatekeepers How to Survive a Plague The Invisible War 2013 20 Feet From Stardom (Winner) The Act of Killing Cutie and the Boxer Dirty Wars The Square 2014 Citizenfour (Winner) Finding Vivian Maier Last Days in Vietnam The Salt of the Earth Virunga
  7. Hopefully I don't fuck this up too bad A Total of 26 Ballots were submitted A Total of 1246 Movies were named in some form on ballots As mentioned 361 movies made the final reveal. This represents 29% of the movies voted for. I think that is a decent representation without going all NHL playoffs on the list. Any movie that had 96 or more points made the list. This means that everyone's Top 5 made the final reveal. (I felt that in a poll like this - if someone felt strongly enough to put something in their Top 5 it should make the reveal.) It only added 22 movies beyond the traditional 100 point cutoff. (As a reminder 1st place vote = 100, 2nd place vote = 99, etc...) TIEBREAKERS 1) Honorable Mention 1a) Fewer # of votes 2) Highest Individual Vote 3) Magic (I think Honorable Mention votes and Fewer # of Votes will basically always end up falling the same way but I am not 100% sure because it is easier to break the ties as I go) OTHER THINGS Please don't reveal that you voted for a movie that hasn't been revealed yet. I do want to keep some of the mystery Full list of votes will be posted at the end I will keep a separate thread that will contain just the list that only I can post in. Mainly to keep the size of individual posts down to a manageable load time. (See the results of the 90s poll to see what I mean). I will also create a page on the main site as another backup. Goal is to do at least 10 movies a day and 10 movies over the weekend. Since I am trying to get this down before March 1 - if I am feeling good one day I am going to try and push a bunch out at once. I will start the reveals later today after I eat lunch and do one last last check of the list EDIT Turned out to be only 360 matches. Math is hard
  8. Chaos made his best attempt but there really hasn't been any formal ballot on this decade. Will be interesting to see how many of you fuckers have recency bias
  9. I have a lot of vacation between now and Jan 9 so I am figuring A LOT of things are coming off my pile of shame. I also looked at all the ballots I submitted in the past and I a hate all of them. I pretty much know my Top 5 and then it is a crap shoot from there
  10. 90s (2nd Version) results thread
  11. We never went before 1950 (since the 50s ballot died on the vine) so these movies will finally get their due.
  12. My next big - non wrestling project. Similar to the decade polls - now in honor of the DVDVR anniversary we go whole hog. BEST MOVIES OF ALL TIME Basically - you can vote for any movie as long as it has a release date in IMDB of no later than DEC 31, 2016 BALLOTS DUE: January 1, 2017 (clearly a tentative date) BALLOT LENGTH: 100 movies (1-100). You may also "vote" for up to 25 movies as Honorable Mention (I am not quite certain how I will score them but yeah) BALLOTS EMAIL: DVDVRMAIL AT GMAIL DOT COM (In an ideal world you will submit your ballot 1-100 MOVIE TITLE, DIRECTOR, YEAR) PICK AMONGST YOUR CHILDREN!!! JT - DON'T USE YOUR IMDB RANKINGS!
  13. I am really disappointed with how this turned out (all my fault)
  14. This is my first time doing one of these for any board, so this may be a little different than what others have done. We had 13 ballots submitted to make up 284 films (there's a technicality here that will show itself very late in the reveals list. I went back and fourth on the number of films before resting on starting this countdown at #110 for a couple of reasons. 1) 110 is a nice number when considering the decade tie-in. 2) The first film that will be shown in the countdown is one that caused great debate on this board (and honestly, everywhere) after its release. I did allow for ties on this list. I broke any ties where a film received more votes. (Due to the low volume of ballots, I decided vote volume should supersede point averages in a tie). 97 movies hit 100 movies also hit the 100 point threshold. I also tried a couple of different point variables, and it did not shuffle my top too drastically, so the formula is straight forward. Each vote was a descending scale of 2 points with #1 vote getting 100 points.
  15. Oh so very rusty... We had 7 Ballots (6 100 vote and 1 50 vote ballot). This will make things a little wonky but not too bad. 297 Movies Received Votes (675 the last time) 102 movies made the 100 point threshold. 8 additional movies were added to get me to a nice even 110. Those 8 movies either A.) Had a Top 5 vote or B.) Got at least 3 votes So the bottom half is a little different but the whole point of this is for you to discovery movies you wanted to watch so I am not sure folks will mind too too much. Other things to remember Tiebreakers 1) Fewer # of votes 2) Highest individual vote 3) Magic - Please don't post your ballots in this thread (there will be a separate thread for that near the end). It's okay to say that you voted for something after a movie shows up but we want to keep the mystery alive. I am going to try and post the 8 random movies before I leave work. Let's see how that goes.
  16. Hey all, A new year, and a new DVDVR project. I know I first found this board when I was really in to ROH around 2005 or 2006, and I still remember some of the first Drivers I read having some ROH matches. I've been wanting something to do, and I think going back and revisiting a lot of the matches that I loved from the height of my fandom will be a blast. I don't want Rippa to kill me for starting a billion threads, so for right now, let's just use this thread to get some initial ideas flowing and for general pimpage. I think this might be easier and more tidy if we section it off a little bit, so that everyone is in the same mindset. In my view, ROH has pretty clear "eras". I would put them as: Feinstein years Reborn through Reborn Again The Pay Per View Era (Respect is Earned though Gabe's firing after Ring of Homicide II) The TV era (2009-current) I'm sure you could break up the TV era in to smaller chunks, but I don't really feel like there was a major stylistic change or anything noteworthy that differentiates any of those years. In order to get some early momentum, I propose that we start with pimping and match suggestions and observations from the Reborn though Reborn Again. This would be 4/23/04 through 5/11/07. I don't think I'm off base when I say that the majority of peoples ballots will be make up from matches within this period, considering it has much of Joe's peak, the Summer of Punk angle, and Danielson as champ. I'll start posting about individual matches later, but I thought I'd get this up and moving in case others are chomping at the bit. Lastly, I will be starting an email for the ballots that I will edit in to this post. I think we will be best served with ballots ranging from a minimum of 25 matches to a max of 100? Anyone disagree? I have no time table set for this, let's just see how we do and go from there. Anyone have any early guesses for Number one? Cage of Death? Joe v Punk II? Kobashi? So many awesome matches, this time period ROH really felt like every show had a new and exciting dream match.
  17. Since there seemed to be some interest when I mentioned it in the Omnibus thread, I figured I'd start a repository for all the best/most memorable/entertaining matches and segments from WCW Saturday Night and it's step-sisters, Worldwide and Pro. Saturday Night is in an interesting position, as for a while it was essentially the flagship show for the promotion, but by the late 90s was essentially a C show where you'd get to see such stalwarts as Roadblock, Rick Fuller, and the Minnesota Wrecking Crew 2. A quick video search turned this up as an interesting start
  18. Okay... here we go. Hopefully I didn't fuck this up too bad... We had 29 Ballots submitted (23 were submitted the last time) Breakdown: 100 Votes = 21 Ballots* 75 Votes = 1 Ballot 50 Votes = 7 Ballots * - Control submitted a 100 vote ballot but one movie was ineligible. He just didn't have a #100. I am still lumping it in with that group. 705 Movies Received Votes (675 the last time) I kept the 100 point thresh hold because I wasn't thrilled with leaving a movie someone voted #1 off the list. The last list had 275 movies so we added 55 movies. Other things to remember Tiebreakers 1) Fewer # of votes 2) Highest individual vote 3) Magic - Please don't post your ballots in this thread (there will be a separate thread for that near the end). It's okay to say that you voted for something after a movie shows up but we want to keep the mystery alive. - I will post the full list of votes when I am all done. My Goal is to do 10 movies a day and 10 over the span of a weekend. That may or may not happen every day but that is my goal. I will start the countdown today around lunch time... mainly so I can do one last check of the list.
  19. Here are details I have BALLOTS ARE DUE: SUNDAY AUGUST 11, 2013 MINIMUM BALLOT LENGTH: 50 MAXIMUM BALLOT LENGTH: 100 Email ballot to DVDVR1960s AT GMAIL DOT COM IMDB is your guide for official movie date The Ballots I Have So Far Televiper (Corrected)NaturalDeath From AboveKawada~!Yo Yo's RoomieRandyExecproducerKyle CaseySagefrancisNewb82CaleyNew BloodHobo JoeTim Evans (corrected)UberRudojaeControlJingus (Updated corrected ballot)ohtani's jacketJR GoldbergJR Goldberg's Lady (corrected)CSC (Corrected)JTJason Smith (corrected)Eric RBrian FowlerKJC McMahonRippa Let me know if you sent a ballot and I didn't list your name. IF YOU SEND ME A CORRECTED/UPDATED BALLOT PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU TELL ME THAT
  20. God Bless Paco for being a bigger pack rat than me. For your point of reference - here are the original 90s results
  21. I am not creating all the pimping threads again so just use this for any last minute discussion, etc.. I also remind folks of things like documentaries and TV movies and such If you have any questions about eligibility, let me know.
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