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Found 1 result

  1. This is a thread I thought about starting when @Lamp, broken circa 1988 made a post saying that Black Milk is one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time. So if there is someone, some album, or some song you feel is underappreciated or just not talked about enough post it here. After listening to his new album on a loop for the last few days, my first nominee is Phonte. Phonte is incredibly good at rapping. I know that sounds like the easiest way to describe a dope rapper, but it's more than that. He somehow sounds effortless while coming up with things that stops you dead in your tracks. He's kind of a rap everyman who never tries to wow you with flashy rhyme schemes, but he's so clever with his rhymes about every day life you find yourself wowed any way. He is especially good when rapping about relationships. He puts all of his business on these streets in a way that is totally unique in hip-hop. He's willing to admit when he's wrong, willing to show when he's hurting, but he never makes it sound like he's throwing his significant other under the bus. On "Sending My Love" he tells a story about cheating on his girl in a way that makes the listener he's 100% at fault, but you also relate to everything he's saying. He is equally great on the other side of the spectrum. On "Find That Love Again," he starts by telling the listener where he was mentally when his last relationship ended, and ends talking about how he feels like he feels like he believes in love again. He explains it by saying, "Coming back to this spot was a long shot, but what's a long shot to a sharp shooter." That is fucking dope. When he's not talking about his love life, he's also willing to go deep into other subjects. On "Expensive Genes" and "Cry No More" he digs in deep on how the loss of his father has him thinking about him and his family's health. He isn't preaching, he's flat out telling himself and his mother that if they don't change their habits that they are going to end up dead just like his dad. They ask me where I been, dog I been rebuilding / With my wiz and children, put my pops in the ground / Then hit the repast and ate the same shit that killed him. Sometimes though, he just raps his ass off in a way that makes you realize that he's one of the dopest rappers of all time. He begins, "So Help Me God," with the following bars, "They say they want bars but it's unfounded / Cuz when they get bars niggas be dumbfounded." He then straight murders the track including my favorite couplet, "I am Hugh Masekela meets Masta Killa / Your OG’s OG, just ask the nigga" He's just dope.
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