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Found 2 results

  1. The Total Extreme Wrestling 2016 demo hits Monday (perhaps even as early as Sunday night for us North Americans) and I cannot be more excited for it. You can play with any mod as many times as you want for up to two months of game time. The full game comes out a week later on May 2nd. Price is $35 USD. The features that developer Adam Ryland revealed in his journal throughout February and March were stunning, ranging from giving users the choice to disable a lot of the complexities that turned them off of TEW to finally fulfilling a lot of the bigger requests. Here are a few highlights: LINK TO THE JOURNAL WITH ALL 352 FEATURES DETAILED EWR-like simplicity! A lot of people never made the jump from EWR's basic booking structure to TEW's more advanced simulation style of management because there was just too much shit to do and worry about. There are a bevy of options to disable a lot of the penalties TEW has added since switching from EWR. DFA, I know this was an issue you've talked about and you're definitely not alone. Here are the options you can disable: Show length penalty (shows can now be any length and not receive a penalty for being too short or too long) Match-to-angle ratio penalty (WWE in the attitude era having too many matches and not enough angles, for instance) Worker complaints for being left off shows Match aims requirements (for example, needing a certain number of comedy matches or what not. This is a new feature to TEW 2016) Momentum (workers needing to be built up via wins and positive actions in angles) Sex appeal (needing attractive women on your show if you're mainstream, again a new feature for 2016 called the "sausage fest penalty") Worker overuse (if you use a jobber/undercard worker too much, you'd get penalized) There are more from TEW 2013, in which a lot of the complexities can be turned off. Autobooker (even more EWR-like features!) Alliance champions so you can now recreate a touring NWA champ (fuck yes! This will make the Death of the Territories mod starting in '83 even more amazing!) More control over development territories This is both an excellent addition and probably the biggest disappointment for most fans, as many expected to be able just to run NXT/other developmental promotions but that's not happening. Instead, you have pretty much full control of who works for your child company, their push, tag teams, titles, etc. Just can't book the shows, unfortunately. Revamped networks (you can recreate WWE Network, SNME-like specials) Figureheads/company aces Including main event babyfaces sometimes complaining when you want them to turn heel because of the loss in merchandise revenue Hall of Fames for each promotion (on top of the general Hall of Immortals) Much more realistic backstage environment Wrestlers' court (featuring Judy Bagwell!) Cliques Toxic workers (brother) Nepotism Wrongful termination Rehab Interventions Scumbag owners (AKA the Ian Rotten Effect) Young workers demanding raises if you lock them into long contracts For me, the most intriguing features are all about making the AI more aggressive and smarter (and the morale changes). The game world should develop in a far more organic and dynamic way now. I'm also working on a modern day mod for the game. Instead of one person just making all of the ratings calls, somebody had the excellent idea of creating a forum dedicated to discussing ratings and finding a consensus. It's a very small community with one mod maker posting a lot of workers and mostly me making suggestions, but the WWE section had a decent number of people inputting ideas. The more voices the better, particularly for those that watch lots of Japanese/Euro/smaller US indies, joshi, or lucha libre. Even if you just watch WWE, you'd be more than welcome as the more discussion and more voices, the better end product. Here's a link to the forum. When the game is out, people can post here about their saves and what not too. The world needs to know how you'd book Roman Reigns! How many world championships does Cesaro have in your game?! Can you save TNA from both Nazis and bankruptcy?! CAN YOU GET ROH BETTER LIGHTING (this is an actual feature in the game ffs)?! CAN YOU BOOK PWG SO THAT SUPER DRAGON DOESN'T GET A CONCUSSION EVERY TIME HE COMES BACK?! CAN YOU BRING ORDER TO AAA?! The questions are limited only by your imagination. I know a lot of folks love the fictional universe that the game comes with, but I've never really been able to get into it. It's pretty darned neat though.
  2. Without any further suggestions, I've settled on doing a diary for 1993 WCW. I will use Fire Pro Returns for PS2 to simulate the matches and my own system for booking them and angles. I will be running house shows, TV tapings, and big events based on WCW's actual touring schedule from 1993. The only show I won't be doing is the November 1993 Clash of the Champions, because they also did a Battlebowl PPV that month, and EWR only allows for one big show a month. I won't be doing the New Japan Supershow either, since I don't want to sign all their guys for just one show.As guys get more or less over and move up or down the card, I'll be altering their stats in FPR. Champions will get a stat boost randomly assigned, with the maximum boost going down the longer their reign lasts. That's so I don't have a series of title changes without any successful defenses.I've had to change up the TV schedule, since a couple shows aired on the same day. The TV schedule is:WORLDWIDE: Thursday, Late EveningMAIN EVENT: Friday, Late EveningSATURDAY NIGHT: Prime TimeTHE POWER HOUR: Sunday, Early EveningI'll be "auto booking" the first two weeks of TV shows until I get to a TV taping that I run. At that point, I'll list "spoilers" for the matches, then full show write-ups when it comes time for them to air.I have the Arsenic Editor, which I'll be using to add guys as they debut in later years (if I do this long enough) and to heal injured guys who have participated in a taping before their injury so their matches can be added to the TV shows when they're booked in EWR (I expect to be doing a lot of that when I get to the mass Worldwide tapings at Disney).I will be posting injuries and new signings as they happen.The current WCW roster is:Arn AndersonBarry WindhamBig Van Vader (WCW World Heavyweight Champion)Bill IrwinBob CookBobby EatonBrad ArmstrongBrian PillmanCactus JackChris BenoitDan SpiveyDiamond Dallas PageDustin RhodesErik WattsJohnny B. BaddJohnny GunnJushin Thunder LigerKensuke SasakiLarry ZbyszkoLord Steven RegalMarcus Alexander BagwellMasahiro Chono (NWA World Heavyweight Champion)Maxx PayneMichael PS HayesPaul OrndorffRick Rude (United States Champion)Ricky Steamboat (World Tag Team Champion)Ron SimmonsScotty FlamingoSgt. Buddy Lee ParkerShane Douglas (World Tag Team Champion)Shanghai PierceSteve AustinSteve WilliamsStingTex SlazengerThe BarbarianThe Great MutaTom ZenkToo Cold ScorpioVan HammerVinnie VegasAlrighty, here we go...
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