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Found 3 results

  1. Alrighty then, let's get the video game thread started again! Right now I'm off-and-on with Skyrim. . .yes, I'm behind. About 80 hours in, still don't feel like I'm anywhere hear the end game. Don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Also picked up Guild Wars 2 last week, because it looked kind of interesting.
  2. So, I've decided that this is year I'm upgrading to a PS4 from my trusty 360. It's been awhile since I had a Sony box. Anything I should know? Hey, will a PS4 play my old PS2 games? How is the online stuff? Fill a brother in, yeah?
  3. With the real arrival - sorry Wii-U - of the next gen of game consoles on Friday, figured we'd get a thread going to discuss all things next gen. Personally, I pre-ordered a PS4 but canceled it. Couple reasons - too big a PS3 backlog and wanting to get it at Best Buy and pay for it over 18/24 months instead of all at once. With Infamous not being a launch title and Watch Dogs getting delayed, that backed up my decision to cancel. Now, though, I'm thinking if there's one in stock on Friday when I go by...LOL. We'll see. So, in looking around at some titles: FIFA 14 - IGN gave it a 9.1. Looks good but doesn't really leap out as a next gen title. Injustice Ultimate Edition - Looks pretty great but I admittedly haven't played the PS3 version. Killzone, Infamous, and Assassin's Creed 4 all look great. The Pinball Arcade - looks like a major improvement over the PS3 version (not hard) but has been delayed and won't be a launch title like promised. Big shock there - not. Knack - Lots of positive pub on this one but I think it looks boring and vacant. It looks pretty but definitely doesn't scream "NEXT GEN!!!!" to me. Sony confirmed that there'll be no playback of local media (mp3, AVIs, etc) content nor will there be DLNA support on launch. They're clearly pushing people toward their digital subscription and purchase options but I think this sucks. With Microsoft hyping the media features of the Xbone, I expect Sony to issue a firmware update that addresses this. Game installs look like they'll be a major problem. Knack has a 37 GB install. Other games are supposedly going to be in the 50 GB range. When you combine that with the gaming DVR storage, your 500 GB hard drive is going to disappear in a hurry, let alone any digital downloads. I am still completely blown away that Sony kept the 2.5" drive size and went with a 500 GB drive at launch. How do you not go 3.5" and 1TB at launch, at least? Can't say much about the Xbone as I simply don't care about it Anyway, whatcha got folks? Anybody getting a system on Friday? Which one? Which games?
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