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Found 2 results

  1. No-one put the wko 100 here. SLL always does a great job of putting this together and worth looking at the lists of reccomended matches and explanations of strengths of performers on the countdown. Dissapointed that Akebono and Atlantis didn't make the 100 and surprised by how high Lesnar placed as he feels like a guy still living off the positive vibes people had from his Cena match. Still wko is always one of the better annual lists and good place to explore things you may have missed in 2013:
  2. Hi okay let's do this! I know I said it should wait until after the first of the year but then I got an idea for what's actually coming out in December and thought “I think we're good to start this." RULES * Ballot size between 10 and 25. Scoring will basically be the inversion of a hypothetical top 25, with a slight bonus given to your #1 rated release. * Eligible Releases include Albums, Mixtapes, EPs and soundtracks of largely original compositions. -Compilations are OK if the material was unavailable up until this point (rarities, b-sides, demos, covers). -Live albums are OK if the material is either currently unavailable as a studio recording or significantly different than the existing recordings. Realistically I'm not going to have time to check that, so scout's honor on this one, eh? * The initial release date of any piece MUST be within 2013. Format doesn't matter: if it was available digitally in 2012, it's a 2012 album. Exceptions granted to releases sold on tour that only became commercially available later, and 2013 albums that leaked in late 2012. * Only pimp in the pimpin' thread. * I will accept ballots three ways. -If you have a RateYourMusic account, send me a friend request (account name BL88) and I will use the list labeled as 2013. When your list is finalized, PM me on this message board and I will add it. Maybe put the link to your list in that PM if you want to be nice! -The same goes for anyone with a Discogs account. Same account name, same procedure as above. I only just made an account on discogs for this, so please do not try to talk to me through that. I imagine I'm not going to remember it exists most of the time. -If you want to just submit a text list, send email to DVDVRBestMusic2013 at gmail dot com. Put “BALLOT” and your account name in the subject. I'm going to check it every Friday, and I'll reply with some gibberish to let you know when I receive it. Treasure this gibberish. It is for your eyes only. * Please try not to do a bunch of last minute changes. If you have to take it to the deadline, do it, but if you get it right the first time it'll make this all go faster. Also if you're using one of the list making sites above, PLEASE tell me when you change something. Once I have it entered into the spreadsheet I'm probably not going to look at that site again, and if I do I might not notice any changes. SUPER NEAT SUGGESTIONS * Seriously, RateYourMusic. Once you get a hang on how Early Internet that site is it's really easy to check information on albums and maintain lists. * If it's an album you think has gotten passed over or is relatively obscure, include sample tracks. Music requires hearing, so you need to suppliment your praise for a thing with a chance to hear it. At the same time, if a lot of your (my) releases are obscure like this, don't embed like twenty youtube videos into a post or something obnoxious like that. Just like make it a really obvious hyperlink or something. Or if the whole album's just availible somewhere like bandcamp or a huge youtube video, use that. *** I wouldn't recommend using Spotify for this. I listen to a ton of music and I don't have a spotify account, so don't assume it's a common thing. * To avoid burnout, don't make your queue rigid. Listen to whatever genre feels right that day, and do not force yourself to listen to stuff outside that genre if you don't want to. DEADLINE March 31st, 2014. Plenty of time to both finalize your own opinion and give a chance to most of what gets posted. I can move up the close date if pressed to. ADVANCE WARNING: I am a student at San Diego State University who will be full time in the spring. If my time gets too tight (I do not expect it to), this will not be top priority. I would love to follow through and I intend to at least get the data crunching done but if I get swamped in work I'll let you know and I will supply the data set to anyone willing to take this to the finish line. Hopefully it won't come to that. OKAY HAVE FUN WITH MUSIC NOW
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