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  1. This show was a blast. The pre-show was worthwhile just for the Punk mention, and then the show started off awesome with the Heyman-Brock stuff. They managed to take Heyman's past with Punk and turning it into the fans, and how they deserve to have Taker's streak taken away by BARRRROOOCK LESSSNAR! And then Brock killed Henry, tossed a monitor into the crowd and gave no fucks about doing so. The Usos got their big title win and Colt got a little airtime in the form of a fan with his fathead, and then Big E and Cesaro had a super-fun short match that furthered the breakup of the Americans and Big E was a dick. THEN THE SHIELD-WYATTS MATCH STARTED. This was an amazing first hour. ROLLINS-MANIA started off the second hour with him just ruling the rematch. Then they had a billion star match that topped even the PPV one. It was just pure chaos and it a story. Take note, Young Bucks - this is how you do five billion things and tell a story in the process. You've got Seth leaving the Shield, but there's more to it. There's a reason for it, and it may not be the immediate end of the group. Then Fandango and Summer Rae had a tag match that died a death, furthered by Sheamus-Christian. Fine match, but the crowd didn't care about it. It at least featured some amusing burials of Christian and JR, making each guy far more likeable as a result of Vince's on-air bullying tonight. There was "no gimmicks needed" Chris Candido, and now there's "no fucks given" Christian. They're trying but, this match is as thrilling as drinking a lukewarm glass of water. THIS IS AW-FUL! "Here comes the skinny frog!" Sheamus barely kicked out of the skinny frog splash, so he must suck too then. Brogue kick won. YES IT'S OVER! (Clap clap clap clap) Then they brawled backstage to continue this. Bellas faces Aksana and Alicia. Cole called them FOUR TREMENDOUS ATHLETES! The match was nothing special. The Steph-Bryan-HHH segment was glorious. Loved HHH saying that the asshole chant was the crowd's way to let Bryan know it's his turn to speak. Loved Steph putting over ALL THE STUFF WWE DOES FOR ITS ROSTER! See roster, you should be thankful for EVERYTHING WWE DOES FOR YOU! This wasn't really all that good, but was entertaining due to the crowd. YAY BEARER'S in the HOF. BOO, Big E's working twice. At least it wound up being a nothing match. Loved the wacky slappy hug from Cesaro. Loved the Bearer vid. The Bray-Cena stuff was fantastic. While Cena's portion was super-iffy, Bray brought the awesome from beginning to end. Loved them throwing as much filler as they could to prevent doing Bryan-Batista. AND THEN ORTON CAME OUT after a Hogan video. LOL @ the put some pants on sign. The main event match was...not good, but became a bigger deal with the post-match with Batista all but joining the Authority. Orton's allegiance is...somewhere. No Punk at all. Wow. http://jayreviewsthings.blogspot.com/2014/03/wwe-raw-3-3-14.html Screens - http://www.imagebam.com/gallery/vc1nvgn1wkz6jznqqgz7n6o81wg7aik5
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