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  1. Final trailer for THE FLASH Premieres 6/16 --- Creating this because of the final trailer and some huge spoilers for cameos and plot points out there already. Tag 'em until the 16th please.
  2. ACROSS THE SPIDER-VERSE Starring Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld, Jake Johnson, Issa Rae, and Daniel Kaluuya Premieres June 2nd. ---- Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup They slither wildly as they slip away across the spiderverse....
  3. Alright lots of clips and leaks are out there... So, here's your spoiler thread. GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY, VOL. 3 Starring Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Bradley Cooper, Vin Diesel, Karen Gillian, and Will Poulter Directed by James Gunn In theaters May 5th. == As always, use Spoiler tags until 5/5. Thanks!
  4. Way too much work and confusion to have two different threads (those who played the video game and those who haven't) so we are going to go with one and if you are reading the thread assume both the TV show AND video game will be spoiled for you. Meanwhile - here is an interview with Collider where Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin explain they changed how the infection spreads for the TV show https://collider.com/the-last-of-us-cordyceps-infection-explained-neil-druckmann-craig-mazin-comments/
  5. Let's get this it's own thread as well, since it's a couple of weeks away.
  6. Yeah, this gets its own thread. THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RINGS OF POWER Starring Robert Aramayo, Morfydd Clark, and Markella Cavanaugh -- Premieres on 9/2/22 on Prime Video
  7. Since this is going to be a huge thing (and I can't find the Star Wars thread), I'll open the spoiler thread here. Announcement came out today that the premier on D+ will be on FRIDAY May 27th now with the first two episodes. Here's a trailer:
  8. Enjoy your spoiler thread. Let us begin with the new trailer Premieres December 17.
  9. I am not sure how many folks are planning on seeing this but here is the thread since the movie is actually finally here.
  10. Oh my: https://thechoiceisyours.whatisthematrix.com/
  11. As already noted, Shang-Chi has had fan screenings, so spoilers are out. My favorite was how they spent 30 minutes of the film talking about how sad they were that Tony Stark was dead.
  12. Taped 8/3/21 (Episode will air on SyFy due to Olympics)
  13. The next two weeks of NXT episodes were taped at the Capitol Wrestling Center in Orlando, Florida on Wednesday night. Due to a scheduling conflict with the Olympics, both episodes will air on Syfy.
  14. Not going to get into spoilers, but I'm enjoying Borat 2 so far. Much more story based then the first one, mostly because he can't walk around as Borat without getting spotted. The girl who plays his daughter is fantastic, just as willing to commit to things as he is, it sometimes looks like he's about to break watching her. How are debutante balls still a thing in 2020?
  15. Smackdown is in Manchester, UK today, so here are the spoilers:
  16. Here's the complete plot (verified user by the mods on MarvelStudiosSpoilers subreddit, but I'll maintain that everything is fake until I see the movie myself or get confirmation on this stuff from you guys after you've seen it - since I won't be able to see it until next week probably). Warning! That's.... uh, something.
  17. Go. See. Us. Whatever you think it's about, it's not.
  18. Starting the thread early so the main thread doesn’t get cluttered before I can post full results tomorrow @Edwin (and anyone else who attends the taping can post their thoughts here)
  19. I am going to keep the format where the TV threads will be spoiler free so here is one giant block from the tapings Spoiler tags just used due to text size. You don't have to spoiler tag things in here. Per PWI Per WON
  20. DO NOT BE IN THIS THREAD IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED THE SINGLE PLAYER CAMPAIGN (or if you don't care about spoilers). I finally got to watch this (I am also ensuring this first post is still spoiler free)
  21. Usual caveat that they might air stuff out of order. Spoiler tags for size reasons Per PWI Per WON
  22. Usual caveat that they might air stuff out of order. Spoiler tags for size reasons Per PWI Per WON
  23. Usual caveat that they might air stuff out of order. Spoiler tags for size reasons Per PWI Per WON
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