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Found 1 result

  1. PLEASE READ EVERYTHING I HAVE TYPED BELOW BEFORE DOING ANYTHING -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANKING SELECTION RULES AND REGULATIONS 1. The Dominick Cruz rule is in effect. Anyone who hasn't fought in a year will not be ranked so don't list that fighter. This includes Mr. Eddie Alvarez, who definitely will not fight before October 12, 2013. 2. The Cris Cyborg rule is also in effect. You can't rank any fighter in a division they are currently not fighting in. If they last fought in the lightweight division and drop to featherweight, they are not considered a featherweight fighter until they officially make weight in their next fight. Chael Sonnen is a light heavyweight until he makes weight at middleweight again. 3. Use your best judgement for the P4P rankings. You know damn well that Gegard Mousasi is not one of the ten best fighters in the ENTIRE world. Neither is Ronda Rousey. No women are allowed yet because none of them have accrued enough major victories to be considered. If I start seeing some wild P4P rankings, then I am shutting that whole thing down and basing it off divisional rankings from this thread. Yeah, I am not listening to the "P4P rankings are subjective" blah blah. 4. You don't have to rank every division. Do as many as you want. However, keep in mind that I might pick people for a ranking committee. If you just do divisions you care about and/or half-ass some of them (FSW, looking at you), you don't have to worry about the whole ranking committee thing. I am still undecided on whether or not to have a ranking committee. It depends how smoothly this goes. 5. Please use the template(s) I've provided below. I am not sure if this board has the same character restriction the other one had, so beware of that. 6. Only provide the names of the fighters in your rankings. I'll handle the other information (team, records, next and previous bouts, etc.) 7. You can make changes as different shows are happening up to and during UFN 28: Teixeira vs. Bader. I warn you to not make drastic changes to your lists unless you're sure. 8. The rankings I will post on September 1 will be based on the averages (both P4P and divisional) from all the lists in this thread. For example, Vitor Belfort receives 6 third place votes and 5 fourth place votes while Mark Munoz gets 5 third place votes and six fourth place votes. Belfort gets the #3 spot (3.45), and Munoz gets #4 spot (3.55). Anything closer will be decided by me. Simple as that. 9. I have provided the number one fighters because I don't think there is (and shouldn't be) any debate who is the best in those divisions. 10. Please try to keep the discussion of any rankings in this thread respectful. You'll receive one warning after this from me and that'll be it. The deadline is September 5, 2013, midnight CST after UFN 28 goes off the air. So you have a hour or so to make changes if you feel like it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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