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Found 10 results

  1. Reminder that you don't need to use spoiler tags in this thread unless you are posting multiple images and even then - I would prefer the images just not be posted instead of put in spoiler tags but that is another story.
  2. Early reviews of WandaVision seem to be positive. https://io9.gizmodo.com/early-impressions-suggest-that-wandavision-is-as-good-a-1846026590 (No spoilers that I could tell.)
  3. General rules applies as how the TV threads have been working No need for spoiler boxes if you are discussing things. Please continue to use spoiler boxes if posting more than 1 image (or for giant fucking images)
  4. Just because I don't want it to be Friday and I realized I had been too busy to start the thread. Same thing as what turned into the WandaVision thread - when the series starts, you don't have to use spoiler boxes for the purposes of plot points, etc... Please use them if you are going to be posting many images. Meanwhile the trailer posted today as a little bit of new footage (at least to me).
  5. This is pretty much inspired by the PS+/PSN Store thread over in the video games forum. Figure it be easier/more productive to have posts about sales posted in a single thread instead of mixed in with discussion of news and commentary. The biggest one at the moment seems to be the 750 issue Batman Sale but there's an also smaller Essential Batman Collections Sale which at $2.99 for each collection would be cheaper than buying the issues(if they're available) in the single issue sale. Figure I'll have no excuse not to have read The Long Halloween now. Image is having a SDCC Sale which I don't really find too notable since all of it seems to go on sale pretty frequently. There's a pretty big Viz manga sale which I believe is simply everything is $2 off the normal prices. Not really sure how interested any of the parties here would be of that. And lastly from Comixology there's a Cartoon Network Sale with issues from the IDW releases series. The Image sale seems to run till 11 PM EST tonight and the Batman Sale is to the 29th. Not sure about the rest. Marvel is offering a month of Marvel Unlimited for 99 cents in honor of SDCC with code: SDCC14. And lastly DC is offering a digital copy of Batman: Eternal #1 for free on Amazon with code BATMAN75. Slickdeals link with details.
  6. With the movies finally here and folks already seeing Civil War - plus Inhumans losing its release date (and the other changes already announced) Here is the updated (for now) Phase III lineup
  7. This could be my worst or best decision ever For discussion of Iron Man 3 Thor: The Dark World Captain America: The Winter Soldier Guardians of the Galaxy Avengers: Age of Ultron Ant-Man God Dammit am I behind
  8. Trying to see if this works better For discussion of the Phase I movies Iron Man The Incredible Hulk Iron Man 2 Thor Captain America: The First Avenger Marvel's The Avengers For those who are like me and are behind on the movies - I can safely post here. And no one cares but my order of these is. MY LIST HAS NO CREDIBILITY~! Avengers Iron Man Thor Iron Man 2 CA: 1st Avenger Hulk
  9. For the newly announced.... Captain America: Civil War Doctor Strange Guardians of the Galaxy 2 Thor: Ragnarok Black Panther Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 Captain Marvel Inhumans Avengers: Infinity War Part 2 Now someone - in small words - please explain to me (an idiot) the difference between Civil War and Infinity War. Basically I am aware of the Civil War series... is Infinity War something different or a part of it... or something the movies appear to be making up?
  10. Whoops - forgot about the TV shows Is it just Agents of SHIELD and Agent Carter right now or did they announce another show that I missed?
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