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Found 2 results

  1. We hinted at this in the Kaz Hayashi vs. Raven match - that we probably need to have a thread to discussion our love of the WCW C-Shows (or Syndie Shows if you will). Basically anything that wasn't Nitro, Thunder, Clashes or PPVs. Happily Dailymotion has Yuji Nagata vs. Steve Regal (Which is definitely in my Top 5 Favorite Matches from these shows) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xbplrb_lord-steven-regal-vs-yuji-nagata_sport
  2. Figured I'd start this since I've been trying to watch stuff from both of these shows. Chime in with what you've seen! Superstars usually goes up pretty quick on the Network while Main Event is a few weeks behind but is easy to find elsewhere... WWE Main Event 12/29 #170 Jack Swagger vs. Stardust Swagger had some nice offense before the commercial break. The big spot when they come back is Swagger missing a corner charge and taking a massive bump over the top rope to the floor. Immediately made me sit up and pay closer attention. Stardust hits a clothesline on the floor and massive superplex. There's some nice payback for Swagger when he hits a clothesline on the floor. Finishing sequence was really well done to the point that the crowd totally bought a Swagger Bomb as the finish and started chanting his name. Swagger won with the Patriot Lock after about 10 minutes + the break. Loved this match. Probably the best Stardust match I've seen in ages and they really managed to hook the crowd in. Would be interested in seeing what other people thought. WWE Superstars 1/1 #351 Jack Swagger and Mark Henry vs. The Ascension This is the debut as a team for Swagger and Henry. Swagger literally worked the entire match until the hot tag. Mark Henry cleaned house for about a minute and won with the World's Strongest Slam in 7 minutes. Main Event 1/6 #171 The Usos vs Social Outcasts (Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas) Shockingly fun little match here. Usos are over and they did a cool spot where they cut off the Outcasts victory lap with a double dive. Jimmy hit a dab showing that at least one person in WWE is aware of pop culture. They did a distraction roll up finish but it was countered and the Usos won. Superstars 1/8 #352 Jack Swagger vs Tyler Breeze They had a 10 minute match in about 3 minutes. Swagger posted himself and Breeze hit the Unprettier for the pin. It was good but too short. Main Event 1/13 #172 Jack Swagger & Mark Henry vs The Ascension They ran an angle to start the show where Mark Henry was cutting a promo about winning the Royal Rumble but the Ascension came out and attacked him. Swagger made the save to set up the tag match. This was an extended version of their previous encounter where Mark Henry actually got in the match before the finish. Pretty basic stuff by the Ascension getting the heat on Swagger. Henry got the hot tag, slammed some guys, Jack hit the Swagger Bomb and Henry hit the World’s Strongest Slam for the pin. The Ascension are just bland but the formula works because Swagger sold well and Henry kicked some ass. Superstars 1/15 #353 Jack Swagger vs Tyler Breeze Rematch from the previous week and they get more time. Nice little sequence at the start where Breeze does his pose on the ropes and shakes his foot at Swagger in disdain. Swagger beats him up, clotheslines him out and does Breeze's pose on the ropes to mock him. Basic story of the match is Breeze working Swagger's knee. Good near fall with Swagger countering the Unprettier but his knee gives out and Breeze hits his kick for two. Swagger Bomb and the Patriot Lock gets Swagger the win in 7 minutes + the break. Simple, fun, easy to watch match.
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