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  1. Observer Hall of Fame inductees: Los Misioneros de la Muerte (El Signo, El Texano and Negro Navarro) Ultimo Guerrero Villano III Dr. Wagner Jr. Gedo Jim Crockett Sr. Edward “Bearcat” Wright Jr. Paul Pons Akiyama was shy by three votes (HORSE. SHYIT!), Don Owen missed by two votes, Stanley Weston by 2, and Sputnik Monroe missed out by 4. Akiyama missing again is a travesty.
  2. Playoff scenarios for Week 14 RAVENS Clinches division title: BAL win + PIT loss or tie BAL tie + PIT loss Clinches playoff berth BAL win BAL tie + TEN loss or tie BAL tie + HOU loss or tie HOU loss + IND loss or tie + TEN-OAK ends in tie CHIEFS Clinches division title: KC win + OAK loss PATRIOTS Clinches playoff berth: NE win NE tie + PIT loss NE tie + TEN loss or tie NE tie + HOU loss or tie HOU loss + IND loss or tie + TEN-OAK ends in tie BILLS Clinches playoff berth: BUF win + HOU loss + OAK loss or tie + IND loss or tie SEAHAWKS Clinches playoff berth: SEA win or tie NINERS Clinches playoff berth: SF win + LAR loss or tie SF tie + LAR loss
  3. I will decided if for the new year how I want to do NXT threads - but for now will stay the course Candice Lerae - "oral lacerations" Bobby Fish - not medically cleared and is day to day So basically they just made a random "injury report" to have content
  4. The last month of an eventful 2019 and the last of the decade. Time flies as the saying goes.
  5. A couple of coaching notes Ace Steel has been hired as a coach Hartley Jackson decided he wanted to return to wrestling so he is no longer wrestling. He is headed back to Japan. Supposedly the door is open for him to coach at NXT Japan (if that ever gets off the ground)
  6. Christmas next month, the year has flown. So this month is Survivor Series. The only time RAW and Smackdown face each other...if you don't count the Royal Rumble match and when the brand split isn't enforced.
  7. The Chargers have fired offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt And the trade deadline is today at 4 pm
  8. Dates and Times (sorta) are set - Yanks just need to know if they are going to Houston on Sat or if Tampa is coming to them
  9. A reminder that the setup thread is here I will be using that to yell at people who still owe me reviews
  10. It's officially holiday movie time
  11. I'm sure RIPPA was going to get to this in the morning, but I just couldn't wait and this needs to be discussed. @Craig H, how can you still have an iota of faith in this schmuck?
  12. A new month and it starts with a bang, or rather dynamite this week. AEW Dynamite, Smackdown Live moves to Friday's on FOX and the week ends with the Hell in a Cell show.
  13. To follow up on the end of last week Giving up a #1 for Fitzpatrick is stupid Giving up a #1 when you just lost your starting QB for the season is really stupid
  14. Okay - since I am an idiot - I will take over the reigns. Quick reminder - this is not be confused with the HorrorFest threads where people just post about the movies they watched in October. Standard rules apply like all the other themes we have going. STEP 1: Respond to say that you are in STEP 2: PM me a movie selection that you feel best represents "Halloween". (Ideally with an explanation for why you are picking it) NOTES - Please try and select a movie that is easily available to find (streaming services or Youtube is the best) - Please try not to select something that was done in a previous year. - No real life animal cruelty (This is a rule from the past that I am keeping) - Bonus reviews gladly accepted (these can be where you scratch your TV episodes itch) PREVIOUS YEARS 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 (The rest were lost to space and time)
  15. Kickoff game is Thursday - Green Bay at Chicago The Sunday night game is Pittsburgh at New England The two Monday Night games are Texans at Saints and Broncos at Raiders
  16. Roster expands today so games will get even fucking longer. Next season can't get here soon enough
  17. This is where I post the reminder that GIF are not 8 minutes long And that it is pronounced with a hard G
  18. I debated signing all my posts "The RIPPA knows" but then I realized I would have to ban myself after like 3 posts
  19. Not sure if we are going to keep doing separate threads for NXT much longer It will all be depended on how going live weekly will chance things If it basically becomes Main Event Jr then fuck off
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