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  1. WHAT? I have no memory if this. I was talking about Sean saying CRZ tried to blackmail her: Sean had posted to WebMD or DrKoop or something using her real name about how she was cutting herself because she thought Vince Russo named Shane Helms and Shannon Moore ("Shane and Shannon") as a way to troll her. Sean said CRZ found it and used it for BLACKMAIL. This wasn't me either! (That sounds more like Chris Hyatte.) I'm not even sure what I would even have blackmailed Sean for...I already had my own site and all the bandwidth in the world to waste. I DEFINITELY don't remember being accused
  2. I most certainly did not! (Did I?)
  3. Believe it or else, the sign that got that guy thrown out was "BATHROOM BREAK MATCH." I guess they decided to give him a bathroom break. It still bugs me that I was probably within 10 feet of you and never found you. Ah well.
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