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  1. I'm apparently too dumb to post it but It looks like the Janela/Low-Ki match is happening (or supposed to happen depending on Low-Ki) at the 7-14 GCW Show.
  2. Man I hope they make that Mr. Danger shirt in fat guy U.S. sizes.
  3. A little late to the party but... A few are available on ebay.
  4. 50% off Flash sale on Criterions website till Noon ET February 14th with code GOLD.
  5. Uter79

    RIP, Dolores O'Riordan

    I like the "hits" of course like a lot of people but going through Scotland and Ireland this summer, specifically touring the cities of Belfast and Derry gave me a new appreciation for the song "Zombie".
  6. I'm pretty sure there isn't yet but does anyone know if it's possible to change the match type if you create your own room? I was just playing a friend and it wouldn't let us switch from deathmatch. I figure that's something that may be added later.
  7. That Foley! Nice. Gotta get that. So far the only Pops I have are Oscar the Grouch, Andre the Giant and an incoming Lemmy Kilmister. That will go very well with them.
  8. If you haven't seen in the photo thread, 50% off shirts today at www.wweshop.com
  9. Pretty much any game I'd recommend is already in this thread so I won't throw anymore out but I do have to re-emphasize that PS+ will certainly be worth a buy. So many great games available. Plus the actual discounts are pretty decent on games.
  10. If you have any interest in the music I'd go to the Country Music Hall Of Fame and Museum. I spent probably 5 hours or more there that just flew by.
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