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  1. I kept getting distracted by that sign about protecting all penetrations.
  2. My lane is: If "creative" has nothing for very talented roster members, it's not the roster members who should be removed.
  3. Joe and Cobb HAS to happen. Also on the wishlist: Joe vs. War King.
  4. If we still had a Chikara, the King of Trios 2021 would be FUCKIN LIT.
  5. How does it compare to Punk's Homicide impression? "They got me wre-stl-ing KoGEEma..."
  6. This is the same audience that Asylum mockbusters are marketed to.
  7. I'm pronouncing this as "Ch-ch-ch-charlotte", like the old Chia Pet commercials ("Ch-ch-ch-chia!"), and I'm glad this came into my life.
  8. Well, there've been far worse than him on office, so.
  9. The small typo in the original copy ("It will be interesting to see if 'The Fiend' Randy Orton appears after last night’s loss to Randy Orton...") made me wonder if this Wyatt/Orton shit would be more interesting if Orton were then forced to wear the mantle of The Fiend, like it's some kind of "Jason Vorhees in 'Jason Goes To Hell'" gimmick. Then I started missing Chikara.
  10. I'm keen to get this on phys media, but I wonder if any of the headshot stuff is going to have that pause/skip edit like they do on the Network/YouTube replays.
  11. All in for a Kabuki Bosses year-long run with the tag belts.
  12. A Davey Richards steel box-like structure, at that.
  13. That's it. I think it developed over a few back-and-forths. It was someone's sig for a while (Jae's, maybe?).
  14. I kinda hope Sasha runs with a Mania losing streak, to an eventual Susan Lucciesque payoff.
  15. This is going to lead to a GLF coronation, isn't it?
  16. Is that the first time two black athletes mained Mania?
  17. It's a crime that we've never had a Scoot Andrews/ Willie Richardson match anywhere (near as I can find).
  18. Every year since I was born, I've had near crippling respiratory ailments during the winter months. Wearing a mask, staying away from the plague rats, and more attn to sanitization (which I finally hit on a brand that didn't set my skin on fire) l, and this year is the first time in my 46 years of flipping off death that I haven't gotten sick, missed work, been hospitalized. I may wear a mask thru winter for the rest of my life.
  19. No one. What's more likely is, like "irregardless" being made an actual term and "literally" being given its opposite definition, we'll see people gradually accept bullshit as fact and the world's dumbening will continue unabated.
  20. @NoFistsJustFlips, it's been years ago but this happened to me once as well. For everything good about this forum, sometimes we can run up against the occasional shit opinion of us.
  21. Same. If I never see a bucket of popcorn again, it'll be too soon.
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