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  1. Yeah, well, y'all will be eating so much shit tomorrow when Logan Paul's Raw appearance outdraws Punk's return. I mean it, Vince is serious!!!
  2. I posted this in the Raw thread for this week, and it warms my heart if this is where people are getting the "Elias as Fiend" rumblingz:
  3. In that bottom preview image or whatever it's called, Charlotte looks like Nia Jax in disguise.
  4. Sweet sell of the RKO by Riddle. And, holy shit, Elias as the new Fiend would be the most WWEest thing to ever WWE.
  5. Kinda wish Kevin Dunn's father pulled something else out instead ... ... I'm not proud of myself for that.
  6. So, who could the reference to "the devil himself" be hinting at? I know Punk said he was "the devil himself" in his ROH Summer of Punk promo.
  7. That's assuming that they didn't fire Black to fuck with Vega for leaving. Sounds unlikely, but if I've learned one thing about WWE over these decades, they are exactly that petty.
  8. If there's a trios title in the future, Black, a returning Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, and a debuting Bray Wyatt would be a nice evil conglomerate.
  9. Flair vs. Gage? Nah, Flair & Gage vs. the Bucks. Vs. FTR. Vs. Best Friends. Vs. Lucha Bros. VS. LUCHA BROS!!!
  10. Is ... is that the entire movie? Because if that's just a taste ... that's absolutely fabulous.
  11. Respectively -- let TNA have him, good I'd rather see him somewhere else, icky poo, see Owens, and yay the triumphant ROHturn of Tyler Black.
  12. Okay, we're going to put this out there then ignore the WTFness of it all?
  13. Time to dust off the old Braun Strowman misnamings.
  14. Simone Biles takes a break for her mental health, the public at large lauds her bravery. Bray Wyatt takes a break for his mental health, "we wish you well on your future endeavors." #WWEoptics
  15. So Nick Gage and Tanahashi on the same show. I just wanted to see what that looked like, outside of my head.
  16. I'm going one better and flossing my ass crack with my towel after this shower.
  17. That feels like "damning with faint praise" in certain contexts.
  18. In all seriousness, I've only ever believed there to be one actor who could pull off playing Vince to nigh perfection. Michael Shannon
  19. "COULD BE YES! COULD BE NO! COULD BE MAYBE! I DON'T KNOW!" is now my favorite mantra.
  20. What's the deal between Kingston and Hero?
  21. I have an office next to my supervisor. He now knows I haven't been doing shit for the past 20 min. I crack up every time I see this & Big E gets to "BIG MEATY MEN SLAPPING MEAT!" part.
  22. Admittedly, none of what you me Tim has anything to do with how the match was planned out. BlackEnd may have planned out a right banger of a match, but those 4 didn't have what the match needed. Just a thought, not meant to piss on your statement at all.
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