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  2. Won't lie, all those back cover author photos since ... I want to say it was "Riding the Rap," hardcover ... where he'd be shown smoking, you could just tell, borrowed time man. Fantastic author; rip, Dutch.
  3. Are you gonna make fun of me too? It is, but I've heard it a bunch since he started using it as his gimmick. It actually didn't make sense until now ... But at what cost? AT WHAT COST, "EL DRAGON?" My SELF-ESTEEM?Nah, fuckin' around. Yeah, it was.
  4. I honestly didn't think of it that way, even though now I kinda feel like a dumbass, so ... thanks?
  5. Because dying (present tense) does not = dead (past tense). You could be dying and still make a full recovery. Eddie's breed may be dying out but he's still alive, dammit. But see, that's what I was getting at ... thanks, too, by the way ... if the breed is "dying," then he isn't "the last." Damn you Kingston! Damn you in the ass!
  6. The Stevie Richards Styles Clash fuck-up doesn't look so bad, from the angle shown, like he took it on his shoulders.
  7. Heh, now my brain keeps turning all mentions of HHH-Orton into "Horton."
  8. I want to throw this out there, because it came up on another section of this joint, and I don't want to derail that discussion but it's something that chaps my ass: Eddie Kingston calls himself "The Last of a Dying Breed," and I really hate it when a wrestler's hyperbole goes beyond the realm of making since. How can you be the LAST of a DYING breed ... it assumes the breed is already dead, if you're the LAST. I'm sure there's another - and far better - way to interpret that, and I welcome any suggestions toward that. Also, why not go with the "BEST" of a dying breed. Nope, not the best, just the last, so ... y'know, sorry, but the rest of the breed is dying, so you're stuck with me. I mean, when the entire breed dies off totally, I'll be the "BEST" by default, but also, y'know, the worst by default too. Hey, instead of saying "I'm 'the last of a dying breed,'" I'll change it to, "Hey, I showed up for work on time." *Cue "Ecstacy of Gold" remix, audience applauds politely.*
  9. *Reminder: insert pic of Eddie Kingston w/ "Huh?" sound clip a la Botchamania here. Millions of likes will follow.* Reading comprehension, son. But dad, Kingston is "THE last of a dying breed," which doesn't make sense anyway. Besides, it was just a joke, YOU'RE THE REASON WHY MOM LEFT!!!
  10. *Reminder: insert pic of Eddie Kingston w/ "Huh?" sound clip a la Botchamania here. Millions of likes will follow.*
  11. I want to ask this, so I apologize if it's been mentioned (I'm at work and on page 13, but I'm way behind schedule today): What's the chance of Lesnar/Bryan thrown into the mix of this? And if it happened ... how many stars past 5 would it be? My thinking is, if Lesnar/Punk happened, Lesnar/Bryan isn't so far-fetched, eh? ^ HA!
  12. I have a few I dig: 1) Hennig's Exodus riff is just ... just fantastic. I seriously don't think a day has gone by since I graduated college that I haven't hummed this to myself at some point, and yes, every day. 2) Yes to Huka Blues. Yes to Adrian Street's "Imagine What I Could Do to You." 3) I completely enjoy the goofy aspect to that song the Road Warriors recorded for that music video. 4) Enjoy the theme for RVD, "One of a Kind." Far better than the TNA theme by Van Kushinator or whatever. Just terrible ... 5) Samoa Joe's ROH championship reign resulted in now I can't watch Godzilla without some point hearing "bum buh-buh bum, THE CHAMP IS HERE, bum buh, bum buh, THE CHAMP IS HERE ..." and so on.
  13. Ooh, also "Dutch uncle," so it works TWO ways! HAW!
  14. If no comp comes from this, 'tis all for naught, NAUGHT I say!
  15. How would Philly wrestling fans have reacted to, say, a tag team with a flamboyantly gay gimmick in ECW? The Christopher Street Connection worked the Philly area for years and from all the (albeit limited) footage I saw of them, they never got booed for being gay, just mediocre workers. Google tells me that someone who has a copy of 2002's Ring of Honor: A Night of Appreciation should watch the CSC match and give us a report on the Philly crowd's response. They were working as heels on that show. Does that mean it's okay for the crowd to chant racist things at black wrestlers if they are working as heels? Hey, I've been to indy shows in the South where they chant racist things to black wrestlers working as faces. But no, not okay.
  16. Since nothing has been mentioned, I'm assuming that Jay Briscoe's Twitter is cricket-chirps about the Darren Young issue?
  17. If I sign on to the board on my work computer tomorrow and find that you have a cute animal .GIF for a sig, you are so the first entry on my DVDVRMB Friend List 2.0.
  18. On the "Superstar bringing an animal to the ring:" Daniel Bryan. Fainting goat. The heels constantly scare the goats into unconsciousness. Play it up with "Piper just pulled that kid's leg off!" seriousness (see also: Chikara - Mysterious and Handsome Stranger, as a guideline for how to make it work). Re: Darren Young - I just hope no one in WWE has seen "Chasing Amy," to assume that gay + black = "notoriously the swishiest of the bunch" is an actual character trait, as opposed to bullshit Kevin Smith's navel gazing social criticism.
  19. Pretty much the same thing that happens to every thread. Could be worse ... look at what happened to June ... well, back when you *could* look at what happened to June ...
  20. If you think he's bad on Nitro, you should pray that you never stumble onto a later run WCW Worldwide match on Youtube, if your overdubbed commentary team is Hudson and Zybysko, just mute the fucking thing.oh man Zybysko on Worldwide. I can still hear him saying "Is he a millennium man...or millennium mouse?" With this smug look like this was the most brilliant statement. Actually, I should have waited a little bit longer, because then, instead of bitching about how bad he was, I would have just posted a query: Which is the worst Zybysko comment of these two: 1) During the Misterio/Juventud/Garza vs. Parka/Psicosis/Silver King match, he poses the explanation for the luchadores quickness as a result of their flight from the "federales" during their youth; or, 2) During the Scott Hall/Bam Bam Bigelow ladder match for a shock-stick, Zybysko dismisses a statement to the fortitude of both men in this grueling match by exclaiming, "So what, I could go down there and break both their necks?" Polls in your area ARE open ... (And it was Heenan who got throat cancer ... fucking lack of justice in the world ...)
  21. Watching "Best of Nitro" vol. 2, and what a harsh reminder of how ... just ... the depths of foul judgment lies just out my grasp ... to describe how awful Zybysko is in booth. It seems as if every match he's on, he's on about the "human game of chess," as opposed to the "robot game of chess" or the game of human chess (which is what I assume he really means ... ass).
  22. Forgive me a brief aside: How could WWE put out their Attitude era set and not include a montage or some other retrospective on all the instances of Jacqueline's titties popping out by "accident?" Missed. Opportunity.
  23. Y'know, I liked this the minute I saw it, but my good god, I LIKED this.
  24. Reading this and looking at your avatar, with the cat that looks like he has a "no scratchy-scratchy" cone around his dick, made me burst out laughing in my office, behind closed doors. With no one in here with me. At a mental health clinic.
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