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  1. 6 hours ago, NikoBaltimore said:

    A wild Greek has been spotted!  Yep, that's me alright.  I also had a "Thank you, Coach Tony K!" sign that I kind of tried to show in the beginning, a "Remaster Sonic Adventure 2!" sign for my wife and of course this one.  Tried not spam these but once I got confirmation they were shown via Discord I stopped with them.

    I will say I thought the crowd was going to come off a lot quieter than they ended up sounding on TV.  It's almost like production pulled a minor miracle in getting the mics setup correctly and the shots to not make it look as empty as the other side was.  But it sure felt quiet in my section which is odd since I thought they would have tried to be more vocal considering they were on TV.  But I can at least say nobody was an asshat and the people around me had a grand ol' time.

    I didn't pay much attention to the first few matches of Dark since I was busy making the signs in my seat.  I managed to convince security that I was in a rush and didn't have time so they let me through with the blank signs.  I guess they figured I was too much of a nerd to try anything stupid.  I was delighted to see Sonny though even live I found myself heading to concessions during the Gunn Club match.  I just can't get into them even though they're delightful heels.  The one great thing about a venue like this with not as many people is merch was easily accessible and well stocked.  And concession prices weren't too shabby either.  It felt like watching ROH at UMBC Center and had that weird independent show vibe that happened to be on national TV.

    Yes, sir, that's me.  Full credit goes to @AxBfor suggesting it on Discord and I'm just glad I thought to bring three sheets of poster board instead of two.  Please know especially with recent stuff going on that you got a lot of people here that love and care about you.  Keep your head up, fella.  Love, Nick.

    This is probably one of the most endearing things I've seen on this board in a while.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Ultimo Necro said:

    From Vince / Nick Khans point of view, looking at it from purely business view, they will think “did old NXT uncover a Rock, Cena, Lesnar level talent? No. Was it costing a lot to run? Yes.” So the recent decisions do make sense.

    But the thing is, yes, they've had the "Rocks/Cenas/Lesnars", they've just turned right around and cut them off at the knees the second they've moved to the main roster.

    And technically you could argue a case for the Shield.

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  3. 1 hour ago, Nineteen said:

    Oh yeah, I was super excited when I found out who Orange Cassidy used to be in CHIKARA. Feels like in the age where everyone knows everything and who used to be who in the indies, that was a super pleasant surprise.... even though it's a little weird seeing a Colony dude in the same stable with a former FIST member.

    One of the reasons I want Gulak in AEW at some point is for the Colony reunion.

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  4. Wait a min ...

    If everyone who knew Peter Parker was Spiderman was coming to the MCU universe ...

    ... And Spider-Man #1 asks Dr. Strange to make it so everyone forgets him, under the express understanding that this will prevent other universal adversaries will stop coming to the MCU ...


    Doesn't it stand to reason that Peter Parker Maguire and Peter Parker Garfield will be forgotten in their universes?


  5. 20 hours ago, Gordberg said:


    Adam Scherr (Braun) vs legendary Canadian arm-wrestler Devon Larrett.

    Scherr does not exactly come across as a likable fellow in the video.



    So, lemme get this straight:

    Bronze goes for it, gases out but almost wins.  Larrett lets go.

    The redo starts, and OF COURSE Bronze is tired.  Larrett picks up a much easier win, somehow miraculously not letting go.

    Yeah, fuck that guy.

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