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  1. Del Rio bagging on anyone else's MMA career is a bad idea. Did Cro Cop kick him so hard he forgot he lost that fight in less than a minute?
  2. Weirdly, him and Rude are both faces when you download them. Jake I kind of understand, but the idea of Rude being a face boggles my mind.
  3. "Big Daddy Yum Yum" is Byron Willcott, who works pretty regularly in the Houston area. It's sort of a heel ladies man gimmick, but I think it's suppposed to be vaguely ironic. He's actually not too bad in the ring, and he's fairly charismatic. NWA Houston and New Japan have a working relationship now, as they copromoted a show here a few months ago. I guess they're going to ne swapping talent regularly, too. EDIT: Chester is also right--same guy, different name and gear.
  4. Mojo's only been working matches for a few months. Give him a little time to learn before you completely write him off.
  5. I'm sure there are plenty of flea markets in Orlando that would be willing to block off a section of the parking lot for TNA.
  6. Kassius Ohno was RIGHT THERE. Don't like him rocking the muffin top? Here's a black t-shirt and tactical vest. Duh.
  7. Between Kevin Greene and Mongo McMicheal, I think the wrong guy became a full-time wrestler. Greene looked better in the six man with Piper and Flair against the NWO than Mongo looked in anything he ever did.
  8. And those were the two people in WCW with the most stroke, so no way in hell does that happen. Really, they should've just had a damn wrestling match with a clean finish and no shenanigans. But then it wouldn't have been WCW, I guess.
  9. Yeah, everyone's bummed because Shield is splitting up for Reigns's singles push, without realizing that it means Rollins is probably going solo too. That's gonna be pretty great too.
  10. Yeah, the AI is much better this time. No more wandering around for ten minutes with a stored finisher.
  11. I volunteered at a children's hospital for a few short months a while back. It takes a pretty strong person to be able to do that sort of thing as much as Cena does. I couldn't deal with it.
  12. It's old school because TNA will be out of business by the time it airs. This is their One Night Stand-style reunion show.
  13. The people complaining about Bryan joining the Wyatts need to chill the fuck out. Every time they've tried to push Bryan down the midcard it's backfired and made hom more popular than ever. Hell, the Wyatts may end up as faces by the time Wrestlemania rolls around simply because of Bryan joining.
  14. If he's looking to start a new promotion, he's probably banking on current TNA guys being available soon, one way or another.
  15. Unless Brock suddenly decided he wants to work more than three matches a year, I think you're going to be disappointed.
  16. It's probably a combination of: 1) Paul Heyman will work any angle because he's one of the true fucking pros (although, I'd say that about Lawler as well). 2) Vince and Trips pretty clearly hate Heyman. Vince clearly does not hate Heyman.
  17. Taylor Swift serial-dating her way through the TNA roster like a reverse CM Punk would make for at least one interesting/surreal album.
  18. What's the general consensus on Killer Elite Squad? I've seen them work a couple of matches for NWA Houston, and I thought Smith and Archer were both really impressive. The match in April when they won the NWA tag titles was especially great. Haven't seen as much of their work in Japan, but I plan on getting caught up soon. I don't see a lot of talk about them, though. Thoughts?
  19. "Road Beef" sounds like a late-90s WCW Saturday Night jobber gimmick name.
  20. Damn, those were some vicious-looking Stun Guns Austin was dishing out.
  21. And he'd lose to Kofi Kingston, so it'd be extra meaningless.
  22. I'm pretty sure I could at least take Hornswaggle.
  23. Gee, I really hope this turns into another round of everyone arguing about whether or not Punk and Bryan are believably tough enough to be main eventers.
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