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  1. This was the moment I knew that Big Dave had acting chops. Terrible movie, and RVD stinks, but Dave really shined. (NSFW, obviously. But why the hell are you on a wrestling message board at work in the first place? Get your ass back to work.)
  2. He's an idiot with his head up his own ass. I got into it with him a while back when Stokely Hathaway signed with NXT, and they changed his name to Court Moore. I asked Bix if it meant they were going back to changing every new signee's name, and that Irish twat lit me up for not knowing that it was a rib on Court Bauer, and said that I was a dumbass for thinking anything else. NXT then went on to sign a bunch of indie wrestlers over the next couple of weeks, and changed all of their names. TL;DR: Fuck Rovert.
  3. Phil Hickerson looked like Carl from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and he was a main guy in 80s Memphis for years. Who knew Lawler was so progressive?
  4. Hawkins already did the indie thing the last time he was fired. He even worked the Battle of Los Angeles in 2014, losing in a bad match in the first round against AJ Styles. Think about how bad you need to be to have a bad match against AJ in 2014.
  5. I'll get behind anything that keeps me from being subjected to his wrestling ever again.
  6. The Bloodsport shows are all GCW shows, so don't give up hope.
  7. Revival don't need a manager, and they don't need to be in a stable. AEW doesn't need anymore stables right now, either.
  8. The only way I'd be interested in a new Brawl For All would be if they brought back Sin Cara for it.
  9. I could be wrong, but I think Lloyd was a last minute replacement for someone else.
  10. I thought Giuliani got rid of those kinds of theaters?
  11. I bet Chris Benoit and "Nightmare" Ken Wayne could each have pretty good matches with Hogan.
  12. Since Taker can't actually work a match at all these days, and Cena doesn't seem to actually want to, I'd say it's a safe bet this was always the plan.
  13. Are you a cat? Because that's exactly what a cat would say.
  14. Have you ever owned a cat? Cats are jerks. I don't think we can safely assume they aren't accomplices. Mr. Velvet just looks shady AF to me.
  15. There is a 0% chance this won't end with a Keith Morrison narrated episode of Dateline NBC, complete with multiple scenes of Teddy in an interrogation room. NBC loves stories about pretty white girls who go missing.
  16. There are other places on the internet that you can post your Miz slashfic, man.
  17. What do you think Taka Michinoku should have been doing in late 90s WWF that he wasn't already doing? His upside in the promotion wasn't that high.
  18. Where's our Big E Fashion Watch? The man has been giving us gold all day long.
  19. Triple H just made a joke on Smackdown about getting demoted, so...
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