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  1. Roma was a good worker, he was just a bad fit for the Horsemen. Pretty Wonderful was a much better role for him.
  2. Pearce is the bald Adam; Page is the drunk Adam; and Cole is the fat Adam.
  3. They actually stopped the match immediately. Raven knew the Villano was hurt, and Randy Anderson called for the bell within seconds. Why the hell would Bliss be involved in a work with some random chode on Youtube?
  4. His feud against Lightning Kid in Global was highly regarded and pretty widely seen, though. "Nondescript jobber" is a bit harsh.
  5. Poppycock! Why, I bet he's capable of having The Greatest Match Of All Time.
  6. Vader should be in the discussion. As should Terry Gordy. But if we're sticking to just those four, then Boss Man at his best was better than the other three at their best.
  7. I haven't been to any of their shows, but I believe they actually cover a pretty decent chunk of Texas, mostly in the south/southeast areas. A few of Booker's students work for them, along with other workers from the state.
  8. Vince made Jinder Mahal a world champion and is currently pushing Otis and Baron Corbin as top guys.
  9. Y'all fixin to learn about Texas wrestling.
  10. This match needs to end with a rollup in less than a minute.
  11. Vic Steamboat and Tony Atlas. Those guys could go out and have a match against each other, week after week, without even trying.
  12. Yeah, he's really not getting much of a crowd reaction at all.
  13. Are you seriously trying to compare Austin's promos skills to Curtis fucking Axel? Ban plz
  14. I love this so much that I bought the DVD a couple of years ago.
  15. Updated story on the Del Rio arrest. Warning: The details of the assault are very disturbing. Dude needs to be locked up for a long, long time.
  16. When was the last time they actually cared about what was getting over with the audience?
  17. Abby vs Hogan sounds like a nightmare on paper, but ends up being pretty enjoyable.
  18. Remember when Jimmy Valiant tried to cheer up Dusty Rhodes by giving him a hooker who was into greek?
  19. I'm not sure willfully ignoring something that you know he's said is a great idea, but you do you.
  20. The worst thing about the Peyton Royce thing is you know she was just cranking up shit like Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, or *shudder* Keith Urban.
  21. A few years ago, there was a group of dudes in Houston who went to every wrestling card and chanted "Test of strength! Test of strength!" before every single match. If any of you from that group are reading this, fuck you, and I hope your genitals rot and fall off.
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