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  1. Weird that you can tell the people who are gonna give someone like Ospreay an easy time
  2. I think you can kind of see RVD as the interview happens realizing pretty clearly 'oh this is actually too fucked for real life' and not changing how he spoke but giving that context, Dreamer was abysmal and you would almos think 'didn't he have anyone to tell him to shut up?'
  3. As always the continuing perfecting of self tanner application by Don is criminally underrated
  4. Best part of the show, Don looked great
  5. KO suffers from the worst disease possible for a wrestler, he clearly finds himself extremely funny and if you watch him you can tell.
  6. I'm still not sure what Wyatt out of the WWE system looks like, I know what a non-WWE Steen looks like, and it is truly dreadful, corny stuff
  7. Probably the outlier on this but I can't think of a single wrestler I would want less in AEW than Kevin Steen,
  8. I think they could get a lot from Hero in terms of match layout and also as an announcer, he and Excaliber have history at the PWG shows, and I think he'd be a smart addition
  9. It might help if say the week before you do a draw where every wrestler finds out what suit they're in, that way it's a bit easier to know who's coming when the match is happening. Minus the Joker card obviously
  10. Flair 100% thinks Marko is Jungle Boys kid
  11. God every once in a while I'll just get a bummed feeling at imagining Brodie vs Eddie in front of a packed super hot crowd
  12. Great show Main Event was extremely good, Christian really gives me the kind of Kenny Omega matches I enjoy Rest of the show was note perfect every match in the right order for what it's purpose was. Anyway Tag match on Rampage Butcher and Bunny vs Suzuki and Conti
  13. I think the best thing about Christian winning is there are more interesting top heels in Impact for him to work with, and they'll all benefit from ring time with as talented and experienced as Cage
  14. A little bit of all the above but oh baby you better believe it is the corniest shit on earth!
  15. As a professional comedian myself, I like that you mentioned Chappelle a man living off the funny things he said over 10 years ago, that he had to stop saying because white people just couldn't understand it, and now spends his time giving people COVID with Joe Rogan and doing unfunny bits about Transpeople. Someone Max should 100% emulate Also I never said the he had to do a 2 month sensitivity training (But I do think everyone could do with a little therapy to help process their emotions) and to be completely honest I didn't like the stuff he said but I think it was more misfire than anything. However I do want to save you the pains of being outed as the most Tedious kind of person on earth so anytime you get an urge to say Cancel Culture just switch it out for 'Experiencing the effects of his/her own actions'.
  16. Seems very weird that societal norms have shifted over the course of 23 years and things you said back then may no longer be appropriate. Very troubling as I prefer when things stay static forever.
  17. Hey sorry just checking, does anyone here use social media? I don't know that it's been discussed
  18. Again not to belabour it, but if Janela getting kicked out of the school meeting was a joke, what's the punchline? That he harassed a bunch of non Q Affiliated people while egging on the Q people? Again even if you're doing something ironically if no one can tell, then bad news you're just doing the thing you're 'making fun of'
  19. it really fits the tone for Bret's entire book
  20. As a comedian, when what you are doing is indistinguishable from the other people you are making fun of, congrats, you are what you're making fun of
  21. If I ever say thank you to a company that is enriching itself and it's investors by firing me during years of record profits, I hope someone throws me into the ocean
  22. 1: People in the past being racist/misogynistic is all the more reason to give consequences now that we are able to. We are less tolerant of this behaviour, this is how you show it. 2: I find it hilarious to say that expecting someone who was outted as a person who was racist both in a personal level and a business level, to face repercussions for that is 'naive'. No one said it would 'cure racism' and of course we live in a culture that is built on white supremacy, but we don't start deconstructing that culture without real efforts to hold the people who deserve it to account. Also she's been gone for less than a year, if you actually show the consequence to other wrestlers, that behaviour like this is not tolerated and has an effect on your career, maybe that is how you slowly start guiding things towards more equitable reality.
  23. I don't think they should hire Tessa Blanchard because I believe racism, especially allegations from the victims of said racism, and examples of the racist person using their power within a company to make their victim's work environment much worse, should come with repercussions, and the only way to exact those repercussions is not to hire the people that do it. Especially when they are unrepentant. Seems pretty simple
  24. I really enjoyed the show, as I usually do, But special note has to be given to Don Callis' line of '6 Grown men in the backseat of a Limo , it doesn't get any better than this!' because that might be the most legitimately funny line on a pro wrestling show in ages.
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