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  1. I think the problem at this point is less the risk to the fighters themselves and more the risk to support staff and camera crews and what not. My stance on this hasn't changed; it is too risky to be putting these cards on right now.
  2. But this is different than a motorcycle accident. This virus could potentially effect any fighter at any time, not just those that own motorcycles. And 2014-2016 just seemed to be a freak time of injuries and illnesses and cancellations - not a global pandemic which could potentially effect any gym. I just think it is risky unless the fighters are able to ensure that everyone they come in contact with before a fight has not been exposed to it some form or fashion, which may be difficult considering the dearth in testing and the fact that it can be transmitted between people before symptoms even appear. I wouldn't be totally surprised if public transportation to the UK became restricted as is the case for the rest of Europe. That would probably result in the cancellation of the card. I know it is only a week away but the UK isn't exactly trending in the right direction as far as cases are concerned, having gone up 500+ within the past 24 hours.
  3. What about training partners? Can a fighter trust that their partners are doing their due diligence to not be irresponsible with the illness? These guys spend a lot of time with each other in the gym but besides the fighters and the main coaches most of them have jobs outside the gym and, depending on their levels of personal responsibility, social lives that they may still be trying to adhere too. I think we may make it to a card or two before one or more major fights on a card take a hit and is decimated as a result. They may have a monopoly on the sport game right now but nobody is gonna tune in to watch a card headlined by (no offense) Jack Marshman and Kevin Holland.
  4. It seems irresponsible to me. Glory cancelled both of their cards. Fight camps create risky situations, too. All it takes is for one fighter on a card to test positive or show symptoms (in a Rudy Gobert-like situation) and the card is done anyway. It's not like it couldn't happen right in the middle of it, either. They stopped everything in that NBA game. Fighters are notoriously stubborn and I guarantee that there are many out there who would go into a fight with symptoms or with the knowledge that they have been around someone with symptoms just because they don't want to negate the hard work they have put in. They wouldn't be anything special in this situation as everyone is having to inconvenience themselves and some with more at stake than these guys (jobs, livelihood, etc.). I just think it is irresponsible behavior by both Vince and Dana considering what the world is going through.
  5. I guess I'm referring more to him trying to keep events running into the future as opposed to still putting on the Brazil event.
  6. Dana trying to compete with Vince to see who can hold out the longest without cancelling dates. I'm sure one or both will get some votes next year in the "Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic" category.
  7. I thought Jones won live and so did 25% of the media, which I would not consider to be a robbery at all.
  8. JDS, like most HW's, really "popeyes" his uppercuts. His chin may also be shot but the guy is 39 and has been pasted a few times in his career. A lot of people just think Blaydes is a wrestle-f*cker but they are forgetting that he also HITS REALLY HARD.
  9. I had Colby 3-1 but I could see someone giving all 3 of those to Usman. With that said, even if Colby made it out of the 5th, it would have had to have been 10-8 in favor of Usman.
  10. I guess but I tend to not reward fighters for just stalling up against the cage. I guess it counts as Octagon control but it's not something I am comfortable rewarding. At least the right guy won.
  11. I thought the Flyweight kickboxing title fight (Khbabez/Wenfeng) was a good, even fight. Worth a watch if that floats your boat, both of them are top class fighters. Nice to see Wenfeng on a bigger stage.
  12. Two good kickboxing title fights, including one of the best heavyweight kickboxers in the world, Roman Kryklia.
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