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  1. Meksen/Tiffany fight was so close, both threw and landed the exact same number of punches.
  2. My top 100 UFC fights of 2018, part 1: http://culturecrossfire.com/sports/the-top-100-ufc-fights-of-the-year-2018/
  3. I was just gonna say the same thing. It will be interesting to see the promotion behind Spence/Mikey (which I haven't seen much of during the games -- if they have even started it).
  4. Rungvisai and Gallo Estrada was an awesome fight. I liked Wilder/Ortiz but this is my pick for FOTY so far.
  5. Never post here but I've played in this league for several years and almost beat Ray last year before faltering down the stretch. In It to Win It: 2016!
  6. AA484

    NASCAR - 2015

    Hardly ever post here but since my other league went defunct because I won it four times in a row, I figure I'd come here and start gunning for the Rev!
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