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  1. I thought Jones won live and so did 25% of the media, which I would not consider to be a robbery at all.
  2. JDS, like most HW's, really "popeyes" his uppercuts. His chin may also be shot but the guy is 39 and has been pasted a few times in his career. A lot of people just think Blaydes is a wrestle-f*cker but they are forgetting that he also HITS REALLY HARD.
  3. I had Colby 3-1 but I could see someone giving all 3 of those to Usman. With that said, even if Colby made it out of the 5th, it would have had to have been 10-8 in favor of Usman.
  4. I guess but I tend to not reward fighters for just stalling up against the cage. I guess it counts as Octagon control but it's not something I am comfortable rewarding. At least the right guy won.
  5. I thought the Flyweight kickboxing title fight (Khbabez/Wenfeng) was a good, even fight. Worth a watch if that floats your boat, both of them are top class fighters. Nice to see Wenfeng on a bigger stage.
  6. Two good kickboxing title fights, including one of the best heavyweight kickboxers in the world, Roman Kryklia.
  7. Really? I thought it was good but I wasn't as high on it as you until Kattar started turning it up in the 3rd.
  8. I want to say that Kevin Randleman was involved in an MMA tag several years back. Probably in Japan but I'm not sure.
  9. This says something about the state of American kickboxing when he was regarded as the best native kickboxer at one point.
  10. I thought Lomachenko and Commey was supposed to be a thing at one point?
  11. They are gonna keep matching Gillespie up with guys until he loses so they aren't forced into inserting a "non-name" fighter against Khabib. Hopefully he keeps winning until they have no choice but to give him a shot but since it's the UFC, they will name Conor as number one successor after he beats a fighter who isn't even in the division in question.
  12. I would love nothing better than to see Inoue slice through Donaire (who I have nothing against) and then "destroy" Nery. You know more about the management and politics of boxing than I do; is this a realistic scenario?
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