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  1. Great fight, but Aljo was just too skilled at using his length. Munhoz barely moved his head the entire fight and I thought his movements were fairly predictable. Still, I felt the danger was there for him to steal a win up until the final bell.
  2. I have the ESPN app; I don't believe there is a separate Watch ESPN app for Roku. They seem to only have the + shows archived. I'm not sure when the ESPN/ESPN2 stuff will become available, if at all.
  3. Yeah, I was looking for the UFC 236 prelims that aired on ESPN. Pretty asinine that it is not available when I pay for both ESPN and ESPN+ and it's not available this long after the fact.
  4. Finding replays (if they even exist) on the app is absolutely maddening. Shouldn't any fight -- prelim or otherwise -- that aired on one of the ESPNs or the + service be on there? PPV fights I can understand (although compared to how quick they put them on Fight Pass, it sucks), but to not even have prelims replayed two months after the fact? Ridiculous. Even their customer service reps couldn't tell me when or where to find them.
  5. Look up Raymond Daniels's KO from Bellator in Birmingham.
  6. I'll go ahead and say LOL MVP. You can't use a stance like that and expect to effectively defend leg kicks, let alone get back to your feet without any apparent awareness that your opponent can slug you, either. He could get away with that sort of thing against most of his other opponents but not against a guy who is better than your average UFC fighter, to say nothing about Bellator.
  7. I thought Smalljon told Ramsay that Greatjon was dead when he delivered Rickon to him?
  8. Getting hit in the dick sucks period, cup or no cup. With that said, typically if a guy isn't on the ground writhing in pain right after the strike, he is good to continue.
  9. Meksen/Tiffany fight was so close, both threw and landed the exact same number of punches.
  10. My top 100 UFC fights of 2018, part 1: http://culturecrossfire.com/sports/the-top-100-ufc-fights-of-the-year-2018/
  11. I was just gonna say the same thing. It will be interesting to see the promotion behind Spence/Mikey (which I haven't seen much of during the games -- if they have even started it).
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