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  1. Loooong way to go for him but with Glory inactive I think he is seeing dollar signs should he ever make it to the level of contender. Beat a few scrubs in LFA then head to UFC, beat a couple gatekeepers, and a couple top ten guys and then you market a big title fight with Adesanya as the "guy who beat him." Again, still a looong way to go.
  2. I think Holm is still grandfathering in eyeballs, even if it is just people who watch her fights because she is "the girl who knocked out Ronda Rousey."
  3. We have Briedis vs Dorticos for the IBF cruiser belt this afternoon, too. Airing from Germany. Entrances will probably be circa 4PM EST
  4. Man, WTF @ these scores; I had Ugas winning every round.
  5. I also heard that Zabit wouldn't be able to get into the country but this sucks either way.
  6. Some other recent and notable kickboxers turned MMA fighters that I can think of are: Raymond Daniels (Bellator) Joe Schilling (Bellator) Antonina Shevchenko Van Roosmalen has yet to fight MMA since his recent announcement but I'd say he is probably the most significant since Izzy to make the switch.
  7. I would think it has to be Adesanya. Again, it depends on what you call high profile, but Adesanya had fought in Glory (probably still the most recognizable org in KB despite their recent financial troubles) and was a definite top 10 (if not, top 5) fighter in his class by the time he took up MMA. I don't think he was that well known by "casuals" but nowadays, not many kickboxers are so it is hard to make a comparison.
  8. I imagine they will try and do Usman vs. Burns next. Even if Edwards is the equivalent of a mandatory contender, I think a match up with him and Masvidal for the next shot makes sense. Both are 0-1 against Usman. Edwards's L was years ago but I think they would still rather have a Masvidal rematch than an Usman/Edwards match because I think Usman's performance scared a lot of fans off. At least with Masvidal, you have a big name that could potentially draw bigger numbers than an Usman/Edwards fight (or any Usman fight, really) and they could also play the "Masvidal getting a full training
  9. Loco may be able to give more info but the only other guys on the card that I am really familiar with are the two fights before the main and Jared Gordon. Sometimes these are the cards that end up being sleepers, though, as you have a bunch of guys with a lot to prove.
  10. Having 1/3 of the media judges score the fight for Volkanovski is hardly a robbery. Argue about how 10-9 rounds are handed out (as opposed to 10-8, 10-7, etc.) or if fights should be judged as a whole (i.e. Pride) but with the scoring the way it is now, I'm not sure how any sane person can argue that Volkanovski got away with robbery.
  11. Figueiredo has Covid. Fight isn't cancelled yet but I'm pretty sure it is circling the drain.
  12. Not sure if it was related or not but she got cut pretty bad in an Invicta fight a year or two ago. She literally painted the ring with blood in that fight; in terms of volume of blood, it was one of the worst I've ever seen.
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