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  1. I want to say that Kevin Randleman was involved in an MMA tag several years back. Probably in Japan but I'm not sure.
  2. This says something about the state of American kickboxing when he was regarded as the best native kickboxer at one point.
  3. I thought Lomachenko and Commey was supposed to be a thing at one point?
  4. They are gonna keep matching Gillespie up with guys until he loses so they aren't forced into inserting a "non-name" fighter against Khabib. Hopefully he keeps winning until they have no choice but to give him a shot but since it's the UFC, they will name Conor as number one successor after he beats a fighter who isn't even in the division in question.
  5. I would love nothing better than to see Inoue slice through Donaire (who I have nothing against) and then "destroy" Nery. You know more about the management and politics of boxing than I do; is this a realistic scenario?
  6. 140 is awesome right now. Just when you think Prograis and Taylor are fighting over who will be tops in the division, Ramirez comes along and stakes his claim. Great fight with Hooker, too. Maybe my FOTY. Not as compelling a story as Williams vs. Hurd but definitely a barn burner for the time it lasted.
  7. I always believed that he hasn't been given his due as far as GOAT lists are concerned. Dude may be in my modern era (television era) top 5 P4P.
  8. Eaton and Dusty had a cage match that was televised on Worldwide a few weeks after the one you listed, IIRC.
  9. Great fight, but Aljo was just too skilled at using his length. Munhoz barely moved his head the entire fight and I thought his movements were fairly predictable. Still, I felt the danger was there for him to steal a win up until the final bell.
  10. I have the ESPN app; I don't believe there is a separate Watch ESPN app for Roku. They seem to only have the + shows archived. I'm not sure when the ESPN/ESPN2 stuff will become available, if at all.
  11. Yeah, I was looking for the UFC 236 prelims that aired on ESPN. Pretty asinine that it is not available when I pay for both ESPN and ESPN+ and it's not available this long after the fact.
  12. Finding replays (if they even exist) on the app is absolutely maddening. Shouldn't any fight -- prelim or otherwise -- that aired on one of the ESPNs or the + service be on there? PPV fights I can understand (although compared to how quick they put them on Fight Pass, it sucks), but to not even have prelims replayed two months after the fact? Ridiculous. Even their customer service reps couldn't tell me when or where to find them.
  13. Look up Raymond Daniels's KO from Bellator in Birmingham.
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