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    How that movie isn't 5 mins long tops including credits is beyond me.
  2. How did two of the judges give Mayweather 2 of the first 3 rounds?
  3. wpdougie2180

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    It was Arnold who originally made the reveries & the changes but Ford stopped him 35 years ago Ford says this. Ford made the changes in present day but in Arnold's name because Arnold is the guy who originally did it 35 years ago. That's why Ford says it has taken him 35 years to right his mistakes, It's his new narrative/Arnold's old narrative. Ford in other words sees what Arnold was trying to accomplish then & finishes his work now.
  4. wpdougie2180

    The Old School Questions thread

    I remember this it would be on late Saturday nights here in TN
  5. wpdougie2180

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    Pretty sure that Bernard is a Host & is Arnold, Ford lied about the picture he showed Bernard of him & Arnold since that was a picture of Young Ford & His Father. Or it could be that Bernard couldn't see himself in the picture like how Delores couldn't see the girl in Time Square. Also the talks Bernard has with Delores may be when Arnold had the original talks with her (He is wearing different clothing in those scenes).
  6. wpdougie2180

    The WESTWORLD Thread

    Really didn't like how dumb the butchers & Elsie were portrayed to be this week. In stead of lowering all her attributes the raised them to God level. What sense does that make? I know she threatened them & they had a fear of getting caught but what would happen if a host that showed it could bypass sleep mode & retained past memories after being wiped told anyone higher than them? That wouldn't turn out very well for Maeve. The other excuse is someone would find out if they lowered her AI well doesn't the same apply in reverse? Undoubtedly someone will find out they boosted it. Elsie going to that remote part of the park by herself right after her last encounter in the park & with the knowledge that the information she finds is very damaging to whomever it implicates is not a smart decision by a supposed very smart character
  7. wpdougie2180


    Kidnap Starring: Halle Berry
  8. wpdougie2180


    The Martha moment didn't work for me among other reasons because Batman mentions Superman's parents literally 1 min. before the Martha moment when he says your parents probably told your your special speech. He acknowledges that Superman has parents but then is shocked & taken aback that Superman has parents (Mother). Total WTF moment
  9. wpdougie2180


    NJPW STARS NAKAMURA, AJ STYLES, LUKE GALLOWS AND KARL ANDERSON HEADED TO WWE http://www.f4wonline.com/wwe-news/njpw-stars-nakamura-aj-styles-luke-gallows-and-karl-anderson-headed-wwe-204971?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter