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  1. Agreed. For me it's the best NXT match since Andrade/Gargano
  2. I can't remember who it was, except that he's now banned, but there was a time a poster was so annoying that even the Natural snapped and had a go at him. When you crack the most laid back guy on here, that's when you know you must be a total dick.
  3. He commentates for MLW, and Joey Ryan tagged both MLW and their network Bein Sports in his tweet, so it definitely feels like he's trying to get Cornette fired from that gig.
  4. Nothing makes me less likely to watch a video than the smug self-satisfied face of Jack Whitehall.
  5. Thank you! That really boiled my piss when Cole was yelling about how the pinfall should count because it's no DQ. No DQ doesn't mean no rules, you just can't be disqualified for breaking them. The ref still has to uphold the rules if he can.
  6. I think Havoc is relocating to America, so he's been finishing up his UK dates. Of note, that was also Drew Parker's last Progress show, as he's moved to Japan to join BJW
  7. Just looked at that card, and yeah by default is right. Very good match, but yikes is the rest of that card underwhelming. Even the women's title match, which sounded great on paper, was too rushed.
  8. To be fair, that's very much been the case post-Andrade too
  9. They moved Kip Sabian from the battle royal to a pre-show match with Sammy Guevara, which I'm guessing is to help sell a few more PPV's in the UK, with Kip having a little name value from WoS
  10. Though at the moment, it's only the PPV on ITV Box Office and the pre-show at midnight on the smallest ITV channel. Of course, this could be a trial run for a bigger deal for their eventual show, but it's not really accurate to say they're on ITV yet.
  11. Rene Dupree was the younger one (I believe he was the youngest ever WWE title holder until first Tyler Bate, then Nicholas, stole his thunder) who grew out his hair, got some tattoos, got ripped and went to wrestle in Japan. I don't know if he's still wrestling in Japan, but he's definitely still doing the rounds - I saw him last year wrestling Bram in a Mansfield working men's club. Sylvan Grenier was the one who reportedly got hired due to his friendship with Pat Patterson, I don't think he was as active post WWE, though he did work Ring of Honor, which raised eyebrows at the time as he wasn't very good.
  12. The Kick of Fear vs the Brogue Kick? I don't know, I love Barb, but I don't think he's got the matches to compete with Sheamus. Also, Barbarian didn't exactly step up to the plate on his brief foray into the main event, whereas Sheamus's run as babyface ace on Smackdown in 2012 was really good. The run from the 2/3 falls Bryan match to the really great Big Show series provided some very good matches, despite being saddled with Ziggler and a heatless Del Rio.
  13. It kinda saddens me that it'll probably take his retirement for people to look back on Sheamus's WWE career and go "Hey, he was there for 10 years and was pretty much great for his entire run". Even having great random 2014 C-show matches against Titus or Curtis Axel, because he knew exactly how much to give them. He'll go down as a massively underrated guy.
  14. Darby Allin signing with AEW makes the top right of that bracket more interesting. Part of me assumes they'll put Paul Robinson over him, but you wouldn't rule out WWE getting the Progress boys to put Kyle O'Reilly over him in round 2 either.
  15. I think I read somewhere that Hennig loved being in the faction, and the character he played in the Rednecks was the closest he got to his real-life personality in any promotion
  16. Yeah, sorry to say it never felt like you were in any danger of winning. Nothing about your play seemed bad, just a lack of urgency, even after Jordy Hiwula gave us the lead. The needless red card just compounded matters. Hopefully you bounce back at the first attempt. I know our year in League 2 was the most fun I've had as a Cov fan, hope you guys get the same luck.
  17. Apologies to @The Natural if we relegate Bradford today. The good thing for you guys is that we're pretty dreadful at the Ricoh
  18. Sad news as former Progress tag champ Kid Lykos announced his retirement last night. It's a shame, he was always a super fun worker, and CCK were a supremely fun act, but he had terrible luck with injuries. Heard he hurt himself again at Riptide on Monday, must have been the final straw
  19. He's not THE answer, but Ambrose feels like the runner up to Bray's title run, an utterly unmemorable run
  20. If I had to guess, Wolfe going to NXT UK to join the EU faction would be likely, think Dain has a bigger upside on Smackdown than Wolfe.
  21. I started an EWR save at the weekend, and I couldn't be bothered to think of a team name for my midcard Angelico/Extreme Tiger tandem, so I just lazily called them the Lucha Boyz, so I can emphasize with Vince's "rename the War Raiders" problem.
  22. That's really the Joseph Conners effect. Jack Starz is pretty great though
  23. I didn't get Briggs until a Limitless show where he did a fucking mad dive over the turnbuckles to the floor, which won me over. He also had a legit great match with Trent Gibson for Beyond that I thoroughly enjoyed
  24. Thanks, yeah always good to go away to a club that hate us and win
  25. I'd not heard Madden commentate in years until I decided to watch Mayhem 2000 on a whim this weekend, and the guy was truly wretched. Amusingly, I tweeted out how bad I thought his commentary was (without @-ing anyone BTW), and was surprised when a few hours later Madden quoted the tweet to call me a mark and that I was just jealous. Which felt like an odd flex, to tell your 100k followers that you vanity searched yourself and got upset because someone thought you were a bad commentator 19 years ago.
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