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  1. GOOD had some issues with their between-shows entertainment during their July double header, so they put on an impromptu interval 4-way that's really fun. You may be able to tell from the ring attire which 3 guys didn't know they were booked until their music played. Watch Tim Lee miss a fat guy moonsault his way into your heart.
  2. Firmly believe Stunt's future is as a weasely heel, maybe hiding behind a bigger guy to do all the dirty work then picking up cheap victories. Eye pokes, low blows, make him the US Ogawa. I've seen him work semi heel against Rich Swann in ICW-NY, and it was his best match IMO, get him flossing after an ill-gotten victory and let him bask in the hate.
  3. Nice to see Starz getting a little shine. He seems to be someone they like, he's always included amongst staff members (alongside James Mason) when they have media opportunities at the PC or big tryouts, so I guess he's got a secure spot, but he's a really good talent too.
  4. I mean, Ruby IS great, but the thing Charlotte is doing right now that Ruby couldn't is "be able to physically compete" seeing as how Ruby has been injured since the Riott Squad split
  5. Quick question: are the Lucha Brothers face or heel? Because last week they got in some aggro with SCU, who seemed to be heels, but here they're teaming with Evans and Angelico, who I think are heels. Or are Lucha Brothers meant to be tweeners?
  6. While it sounds like the main event was a disaster, as a Brit who had to sleep rather than watch this PPV, I can honestly say I've never been more excited to finish work and watch a Seth Rollins match than I am right now. Terrible wrestling is always more fun than boring wrestling Shocked anyone thought Becky was losing. She's on the cover of the new game and had a big segment with the Rock on the Fox debut. You don't do that and then immediately make her lose the belt. Becky's the star of the women's division, she's not losing right after being introduced to a new audience
  7. Oh, its absolutely a double standard. But in Scorpio Sky's case the answer to the above question "how did WWE miss on this guy?" is that they became aware of homophobic tweets that he'd made and publicly stated he no longer worked for the company when asked about it. I would be genuinely interested if anyone has ever asked them about AJ, and how they'd respond.
  8. As I recall, he was on their radar (he was Harold in the Team Hell No anger management skits), but they publicly cut ties after it came out that he'd made a load of tweets using the word "f*ggot" and within a week he was appearing in TNA on an X Division special
  9. He used to wrestle as the Almighty Sheik, he's a former NWA World champion
  10. Southside have just announced MJF is now appearing, so that's pretty cool (also Shawn Spears is booked too)
  11. He's just done promos announcing he's going to be part of NWA
  12. I think this is mainly because Southside are being taken over by RevPro, and WWE doesn't allow them to use NXT UK talent, largely because they're an NJPW associate (though I'm sure the recent Josh Bodom incident didn't help), probably not helped by RevPro putting Yoshi-Hashi over Pete Dunne in 8 minutes a year or two back. Either that, or HHH doesn't want his guys losing to dreck Southside book like Alex Gracie
  13. Given that anyone interested will find some way to watch it in full before the Saturday, and that a late night Saturday broadcast isn't going to catch too many channel-hopping eyes, I don't see this being a huge success
  14. If he's not in character, it's hard to balance with perennial NXT midcarder Shawn Spears getting the 3rd most featured match on their last PPV.
  15. League is the one played exclusively by six northern towns that don't have football teams. Union is the good one.
  16. I have no horse in the Bliss/Banks race - personally I'd rather they used Naomi properly over either of them- but the women's tag belts are arguably at their highest levels of relevance now during this Cross/Bliss run.
  17. Is that Boycie? Incredible photo.
  18. Mandrews/Flash vs GYV was really great, just a good fun TV match.
  19. While I dont disagree with that, I don't think that's the case with the current injured list. Almost all of those women have a long wrestling background- Nox, Riott, Q, Ellering, Shirai and Gabert pre-WWE, Mickie and Tamina both being 10+ year WWE veterans. Feels like those would all be in part due to accumulating wear and tear along the way. If anything, health is more likely to be with your likes of Lacey Evans or Dana Brooke, with less miles on the clock and who haven't taken some of the bigger bumps women will take on the indies (I was at one of Nox's last indie matches vs Chris Brookes where she took tack bumps, dived off a doorway and took a few hardcore shots, i remember hoping she wouldn't get injured just before going to the WWE)
  20. I don't think the Fulham fans would want anything on their shirts to remind them of Tony Khan's involvement with their club TBH
  21. Your mileage may vary, but for me Jarrett gave both Michaels and Angle their career best matches,.
  22. Posted a photo of himself and Fujiwara yesterday, pretty badass.
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