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  1. Watching Roman manipulate Jey was amazing. He starts with the 'it hurt me more than it hurt you' spiel. He just wanted to help his cousin earn main event money for his wife and children. All the pain could have been prevented if Jey would acknowledge Roman as tribal chief. Then Roman flips the story. Says Jey embarrassed the family and in turn, broke Roman's heart. Makes it seem like his cousin is overly obsessed with the title. Gives Jey another title match at HIAC. If Jey accepts though, the consequences will go far beyond what anyone can imagine. Then Roman gives his cousin a hug as he whispers not to accept the offer. Which he knows Jey will. Which gives Roman the excuse of demolishing Jey beyond hope this time. Jey walked into Roman's trap. The match at CoC was just a preview. The actual bloodbath is on October 25.
  2. They're trying to sell us on Retribution being these outcasts when most of the main group--Mia and Dijakovic especially--have been all over NXT, getting title shots. Not that everyone who watches RAW watches NXT. But most will recognize those two at least, goofy code names or not. And those names--WTF. Slapjack, T-Bar, Mace? Who are they, 4th-string criminals Spider-Man takes down on his way to school? Everything about Retribution screams low-budget Purge extras. Having the RAW locker room come out tonight means nothing when they didn't do it for weeks. At least SmackDown fought back, would surround the ring to keep matches from being interrupted, etc. And wouldn't you know--in kayfabe, they don't bother SD anymore. Funny how that works. Whatever they do with Aliyah, it's going to be bad. Either they have her in a romance with a much older guy or they have Murphy manipulating her so she'll turn against her family and join the Church of Rollins. Both feel exploitative. Why should I care about Andrade and Garza getting another shot at the tag titles? They'll probably win, just so they can rub it in Zelina's face that they don't need her. Speaking of Zelina, Asuka should destroy her in 30 seconds. It's barely been a month and I'm already tired of KO-Aleister. They had Braun beat Dabba-Kato. I guess they're going to move Braun to RAW full-time and use Underground to build him back as a title contender. (yawns) The Hurt Business are great. Shayna/Nia could be fun if they had more of a women's tag division. This show was a mess.
  3. The passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg likely played a part. Cable news shows likely went way up.
  4. And The Yard is now Reigns Island. The big takeaway from the Reigns/Heyman promo for me was Heyman's body language. Whenever he cuts a promo for Brock, he and Heyman often stand side by side. With Roman, Heyman was standing behind and to the side. Almost hiding. He also referred to Roman as 'sir' when they were talking with Jey. Brock has been rough around the edges with Heyman, but there was a sense that they liked each other. Roman gives off no such vibes. And Heyman seems scared of him. This Roman is ice cold. Not sure he's a heel still, he hasn't done anything that bad. That can change if he beats the life out of Jey, though.
  5. Yep. Not being able to use their WWE monikers to promote their outside interests is the key. Which makes the situation much different.
  6. Seems like Bix looked at the contract language. Contracts say wrestlers should ask for permission before doing anything and WWE gets a 10% fee. Folks probably stopped asking whether they could do it and WWE has caught wind of it. That's a bit more understandable, but being draconian about it isn't ever going to be a good look. There was a rumor going around a while ago about WWE wanting to do a PR/talent agency sort of setup to match wrestlers with promotional gigs. They do that already to a degree, but this was supposed to be a more formal arrangement. If they've got wrestlers making money from outside sources without their approval, that muddies the waters. Not to mention their bigger stars already have signed to legit management firms to start building their non-WWE careers. So they're trying to stop the rest of the roster before it goes too far. Again, not the look they should strive for. Especially when many are missing a big chunk of income because house shows are gone and likely won't come back in any serious capacity.
  7. If winning their tag matches or getting the big spots are the typical indicators, Raquel has moved ahead on the depth chart. They also having her in line for a future match with Rhea, which is nothing to sneeze at.
  8. They've hinted at that a few times: Heyman doing his introduction bit for Roman, speaking in Samoan while saying he understands how Roman was raised as part of a dominant wrestling family. Heyman has referenced his connection to the Anoa'i family several times when interacting with Reigns. Unintentionally, they've built a 5-year story arc with Roman and Heyman.
  9. This shift in Roman's character is happening because there's no live audience to overtake it in either direction. That, and Roman likely wanted to do something different on his return. May as well experiment and see where it goes. It's grabbing attention, if nothing else. I don't think it's a turn. It's more of The Guy tweener persona Roman has tapped into at times over the years. Him beating up Bray and Braun doesn't make for being evil, considering how they've treated Alexa. Roman's fans aren't going to boo him, anyway. Having Heyman adds ambiguity, but that can be explained as Roman looking out for himself. Making sure he's treated as the superstar he is, getting paid accordingly, etc. It comes across as methodical and smart to how WWE actually works. And they can shift his tendencies depending on who he faces. Reigns is one of the few characters to whom they can add layers of gray to and it not feel forced. And he's still the main focus of SD. So it's a no-lose situation at the moment.
  10. His mother turned 100 earlier this year. Drug use and never sleeping may play a role in whether he makes it that long. But there's a template for Vince surviving another quarter-century.
  11. That's the thing. None of the promotions are clean. WWE/NXT have Riddle and Dream. ROH has Scrull. Some are trying to ignore Ospreay enabling his friend. AEW has Roberts and Havoc. Even Guevara being back feels scummy. Legally, WWE clearly thinks Dream isn't going to be arrested and charged. I can't imagine they'd bring him back if there was any chance of that happening. That doesn't mean he or the others are innocent. They should not be on TV at all until all the issues are completely resolved and the investigation being transparent for fans. It's the greatest disappointment to know how many found the courage to come forward during Speaking Out, and we're back to the same mindset a few weeks later. I'm not surprised. But disappointed for sure.
  12. The Retribution stuff is penny-ante when we've got Rollins/Murphy hazing Dominik and Orton calling Flair a sick old famewhore with worthless sons before concussing him.
  13. Rollins is a guy who, even when you understand what he's trying to say, does such a bad job of presenting his case and almost always comes off bad as a result.
  14. I'd guess USA has talked with WWE about doing something to bring up the ratings, especially Hour 3. Try to surprise the home audience, get them talking enough to bring in other viewers. Will it work? Probably not, but I can see the purpose behind it.
  15. If one was OK with the Thatcher-Riddle fight pit match, then the 'shoot fighting' of Raw Underground shouldn't be that far out. Nothing they did last night was remotely close to Brawl for All. With how the wrestlers were used, there's not a separation to where they said 'this is fake, that is real.' WWE presented a grindhouse show with influence from Lucha Underground. I haven't watched Chikara, but I believe those who say they had something similar lined up. But their company fell apart--which has been discussed at length. WWE was looking for something new for Hour 3, they had been in talks with Chikara, and Shane has always wanted do something like this. So they went for it. Will it work long-term? Will it work at all? Probably not. Just because someone isn't ripping it to shreds doesn't mean we think it's all rosy. If you don't like it or think it's doomed to fail, that's fine. I don't think it's going to last beyond a few weeks. But there's no need to berate anyone whose opinion doesn't line up with what you're thinking. I've been told that's the point of the board.
  16. Good points made here. There are things that need to be improved upon, like the overdose of camera cuts. But the concept of another world within RAW that's loosely connected to the regular show while doing live-action backstage segments has potential. The million-dollar question is whether Vince will stick with it long enough to give it an actual chance. If they embrace the absurdity of it, it can work. Big if, though.
  17. She tweeted because folks are ragging on her for it. Which is par for the course with women in the wrestling business, and especially Black women like Naomi, who is constantly told she belongs on a stripper pole instead. Why shouldn't she defend herself?
  18. Jason Jordan was fantastic and coming into his own as the passive-aggressive, spoiled brat pseudo face. His neck injury was a blow.
  19. The length of Naomi's hair isn't why it's tone deaf.
  20. Because Lacey wouldn't flip over and actually take the bump for it. I hate garbage like that. Either take the bump or flat out say you don't want to try the move. And they still have Lacey messing with Naomi's hair, which is tone deaf on every level. Taking Alexa to presumably appease Braun to stay under Fiend's control has potential.
  21. I mentioned Sasha because while her match with Asuka started during Hour 2, it went into Hour 3. The decreased ratings are probably two-fold: some being turned off by yet another weird finish AND Drew-Ziggler being for nothing, which I noted. I wasn't putting down Sasha and Bayley. I respect most of their act and think it could sustain itself for a while longer under better circumstances. But it's getting overdone. That's not on them. Just pointing out what most of us see.
  22. That third hour is concerning. The first two are par for the course, but big YIKES to Hour 3. Not surprising, though. Between running another WTF finish with Asuka/Sasha and doing a second Extreme Rules match with McIntyre/Ziggler where they didn't even bother putting the title on the line, there was bound to be a drop. They've leaned in too far with Bayley/Sasha and have pretty much sacrificed both women's divisions. McIntyre/Orton will be at least good, but predictable. Then again, who else is there to face Drew right now? The eye for an eye saga has jumped the shark to where Jaws has skid marks on his dorsal fin. Andrade/Garza will fight for the tag belts, despite losing to Street Profits recently. They shouldn't have had Ali face Lashley so soon, let him get a couple of more wins while his return is still fresh. Nothing is terrible to a point of no return, but nearly everything is overbooked or redundant. Which is worse.
  23. Vince should hand Brock and Roman blank checks. They're the only two who have a chance of pulling up the numbers. At this rate, I'd probably put the belt on Orton. Didn't imagine saying that in 2020. McIntyre's giving it his all, but I can't bring myself to care that much. Nia-Shayna are lucky. By being in their own story, they won't be consumed by Bayley-Sasha, who have drained the women's division as much as Charlotte has been accused of doing. I don't mean that as a knock against their hard work. They're doing a good job. But it's getting repetitive and it's clear they're trying to hold off with Bayley vs Sasha until they have a real audience back. If this leads to Asuka destroying them like a revenge movie anti-heroine though, that will be fun. They've got to stop with the eyeball stuff. Kudos to Dominik on his kendo stick swinging. I thought the episode was OK, but it's like watching a hamster run on its wheel.
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